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Verizon expected to increase data caps and prices on July 7

It seems like Verizon can't go more than a few months lately without making tweaks to its plans. According to recent leaks, Big Red is preparing to increase data caps across the board (yay), but that also comes with price increases (boo). The rumored changes are expected on July 7th.

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 Is Official, Includes Free Company Stock And Weekly Giveaways Via New App

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 event just happened, and there were no surprises. Well, there were technically surprises, but not for anyone who pays attention to carrier rumors. The details we had previously are an exact match for what T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced. The company is handing out free stock to customers, plus you will continue getting free stuff via the new Tmo app every week.

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T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 11 Is Happening On June 6th

T-Mobile's latest Uncarrier initiative has been rumored for a few weeks, and now the date is official. T-Mobile will unveil new perks and whatnot in Uncarrier 11 on June 6th. The event will be live streamed, but the landing page doesn't offer any hint as to what might be announced. Although, rumors abound.

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Yes, Please: Google Allegedly Tracks Stats For Manufacturers' OS Update Speeds, May Publish Them

According to a Bloomberg article published this morning, Google has been actively tracking the time it takes Android device manufacturers to update their handsets to a new version of the Android OS. Better yet? There are supposedly discussions happening inside Google as to whether or not to make the stats public, as a sort of "name and shame" directive to encourage manufacturers and carriers alike to update their handsets more quickly. To which I respond: oh god yes please, do this, Google.

The report also mentions a few other tidbits that are interesting, and we'll get to those, but let's focus on what I will now call The Android Update Wall Of Shame, which should very much be what it is called if Google does, in fact, publish it.

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Republic Wireless Announces New 'Clear Choice' Plans With More Data And No Refund System

Republic Wireless recently announced it was finally changing the way it runs its service with a GSM partner and support for a number of unlocked phones like the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Galaxy S7. To go along with this v3.0 revamp, the carrier has announced new plans with simpler pricing and higher data tier options. However, the cheapest plan is getting more expensive.

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AT&T Is Simplifying Phone Financing With Just Two Plan Options (12 And 24 Month Upgrades) Starting June 9

AT&T's existing "Next" plans offer the option to upgrade after a certain amount of the device has been paid off, but there are four different versions and the naming can be confusing. For example, Next 24 is actually a 30-month pay-off schedule with an upgrade at 24 months. Well, AT&T has announced it's cutting the options down to just two, and it's adding a new Next Every Year plan for annual upgrades.

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Google Play Carrier Billing Expands To Vodafone In The UK And Italy, Sunrise In Switzerland, And More

Google Play supports all manner of payment options these days, but for many, carrier billing is still the easiest. You don't have to input any payment details or log into an external account. You just buy things and pay for them on your monthly bill. However, it requires carrier support. Customers on five more carriers will have the option now, according to Google's support site.

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T-Mobile Announces Cuba Roaming And International Calling Deal

With the end easing of the Cuban embargo, T-Mobile is looking to expand its services to the island. As the company points out, it has many customers of Cuban descent, and they'll soon have more options when calling or visiting the country. This is thanks to a new deal with Cuban carrier Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, S.A. (ETECSA).

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Leak Claims Uncarrier 11 Will Include 'T-Mobile Tuesdays' Giveaway App And Free T-Mobile Stock

T-Mobile is moving forward with its Uncarrier plans, and things are getting weird now that all the low-hanging fruit is taken care of. The carrier has done away with contracts, added data stash, and offered free movie and music streaming data. Now, it's just going to start giving stuff away, even little pieces of the company.

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The HTC 10 Will Not Be Sold By AT&T, But The Unlocked Version Will Be Compatible

HTC has just announced its latest flagship, the HTC 10. This phone is seen by many as the company's last chance to get back on track. It's not off to an amazing start, though. AT&T, a long time partner of HTC, won't be carrying the HTC 10. That has to sting. It's only going to be sold directly by Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

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