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Verizon to offer unlimited data plans for the first time in over five years

Competition is a wonderful thing. Verizon and the other major US wireless carriers basically abandoned the idea of unlimited mobile data around the time that Android and smartphones in general started surging in the market, finding it was much easier to get money out of customers by shoveling them into tiered service. But since T-Mobile, Sprint, and even AT&T have reintroduced unlimited data in various flavors, customers have danced in their little cotton socks, happily paying a premium for the luxury of not having to think about their data allotments. It seems like someone at Verizon finally got the message: the company will start offering unlimited data plans once again starting tomorrow.

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The cheapest smartphone plans in the United States

Every day we seem to be inundated with ads about who has the absolute cheapest data plan. Online, television, billboards, junk mail, even old-fashioned radio - it seems I can't go five minutes without each carrier telling me how much cheaper they are than everyone else, going so far as to hire old Verizon spokesmen and make dubious claims about reliability.

You know what? To hell with all of that. I've looked at every smartphone plan from every nationwide carrier in the country, big and small, to find the absolute cheapest plans. Let's pinch some freakin' pennies.

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Sprint is offering up to $325 in account credits if you activate a Pixel, but you might have to ask nicely

The Pixel is kind of, sort of exclusive to Verizon. Actually, Verizon is the only carrier that can sell the phone directly, but Google sells them online as well. Then there's T-Mobile which offers account credits if you activate a Pixel, and now Sprint is doing the same. However, it's not advertising the promo, and you might have to ask nicely in order to get it.

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AT&T launched free Call Protect feature with spam warnings, fraud blocking, and custom number blocking

AT&T is not usually one to leave money on the table, but in a rare showing of benevolence, it has launched a new service called Call Protect. It can be activated free on AT&T devices, allowing you to block numbers and get warnings of potential spam calls at the network level.

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Sprint becomes exclusive US wireless partner of Pokémon GO

Is Pokémon GO still cool? Because Sprint desperately needs to be associated with something cool. The nation's number four carrier is now the exclusive US carrier partner of Pokémon GO. What does that mean? More Poké Stops, more gyms, and more Sprint branding.

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Editorial: Fact-checking the latest video rant from T-Mobile CEO John Legere

As mobile bloggers, watching national carriers with revenue in the billions snip at each other like gossiping high school students is the closest thing we have to a spectator sport. Between Sprint hiring Verizon's old spokesman, T-Mobile continuing its cloying David-versus-Goliath narrative, and Verizon using textbook straw man attacks against both of them in all those Jaime Foxx spots, we can hardly make the popcorn fast enough.

Every couple of months or so, T-Mobile CEO John Legere emerges from his fortress of solitude to directly address mobile consumers with a rant against his competitors. This time he's addressing specific points from Verizon's latest ad campaign.

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T-Mobile tweaks upcoming T-Mobile One plan with faster hotspot speeds, HD video day passes, and more

T-Mobile has caught a lot of flak since it announced the new T-Mobile One plan, which it promotes as unlimited. There are a surprising number of limits, though. To counter the criticism, T-Mobile has announced a few changes to One, but some of those changes are simply opportunities to give T-Mobile more money for features you already have.

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Sprint announces Unlimited Freedom plan with no data cap, but throttled video, music, and gaming

T-Mobile made a big change to its plans yesterday by getting rid of all of them except for T-Mobile One, which offers unlimited data. There are a number of big drawbacks to that plan, but Sprint likes the sound of those drawbacks, so it has followed suit with a plan called Unlimited Freedom. It's a lot like One, but a few bucks cheaper with a slightly different set of restrictions.

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T-Mobile announces T-Mobile One, a single unlimited data plan with a surprising number of caveats

T-Mobile just announced a surprise Uncarrier program that will do away with all its current plans. Instead, there's only one plan that T-Mobile is calling T-Mobile One. It has unlimited data, which is great. However, it's not really an unlimited plan. There are plenty of limits that you should be aware of.

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Republic Wireless begins offering SIM cards so you can bring your own phone

Republic Wireless unleashed a raft of new phones to go along with its new GSM network agreement recently, and now the other shoe drops. In addition to buying a phone from Republic, you can bring your own. It still has to be on the approved list, though.

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