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Google Search featuring new 'for context' links in news carousels


Google Search improves top stories results by adding more carousels grouped by topics

Google may work on hundreds of different projects these days, but its core product remains Search. The company keeps improving this vital part of its enterprise with small changes all the time, though every once in a while, it has bigger news to share. As such, the company has announced that it's redesigning results for timely topics like news, which will be intelligently grouped in multiple carousels, divided into highlights and more specific subjects.

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Some Google Photos users are getting a new sharing UI with photo selection and a button for sharing to family groups

Sharing photos with friends and family is one of the best social things you can do with your phone, so it only makes sense that it should be as seamless as possible. Google has been putting a lot of work into the sharing experience in its Photos for the last year, and the latest evolution of the interface just started appearing for some users today. If you try sharing one or more photos, you may be greeted by a new screen with a carousel-like photo picker.

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Dropbox Will Shut Down Mailbox On February 26th, Carousel On March 31st, After Under Two Years In The Play Store

Dropbox is a cloud storage provider, but over the past couple of years, the company has tried to expand into something more. For some folks, it's also an email client. For others, it was a place not just to store photos, but to interact with them in a cool way.

That's because on April 9th, 2014, Dropbox released an email client called Mailbox and a photo gallery app known as Carousel. Now Dropbox is stepping away from both and intends to close each service early next year.

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Latest Carousel Update Adds Optional Shortcut On Top Of Your Camera App Whenever You Take A Picture

Dropbox's Carousel app handles the photos you've taken on your smartphone and automatically backed up to the company's servers. The experience is a smooth way to save your images somewhere while retaining quick access to them. But if you want to use the interface to view a photo immediately after taking one (instead of using your phone's built-in gallery app), you previously had to jump out of the camera and hop over to the separate app.

With the latest version of Carousel, an icon pops up in the corner of the screen that speeds up the process. You can drag this little image around as you would a Facebook chat head.

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Dropbox's Carousel App Gets Ability To Hide/Delete Photos, Makes Auto-Upload Optional, Fixes Android L Preview Compatibility, And More

I happen to like Dropbox's Carousel app, but the inability to control what photos appeared in my photo collection was a deal-breaker right from the beginning. So I'm happy to see that the latest release adds the option to hide or delete photos. It also makes it pretty easy to restore hidden images later on.

carousel1 carousel2 carousel3

Dropbox wants peoples to automatically upload photos to their servers, so it bundled this feature in with Carousel, and users didn't have a say in whether they wanted to use it. Fortunately, the company has made it optional.

Early adopters who are already running the Android L preview may be happy to know that Carousel should work properly now.

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[New App] Dropbox Releases Carousel, A Dedicated Gallery App For Your Photos And Videos With Somewhat Of A Social Twist

Not content to unveil one new Android app today, Dropbox's bringing along another. However, this one isn't a port, and it's launching for Android and iOS on the same day. The software in question goes by the name of Carousel, a gallery app that organizes all your Dropbox photos and videos in a way that's more manageable than the endless list of photos provided within the current app.

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[Updated: Hands-On] Breaking: New Android Market APK Ripped, Posted For All To Enjoy

Remember the new, upgraded Android market we told you about last night? Well, now it appears that the APK has been ripped and posted for all to enjoy (or loathe, depending on your personal feelings).

You can find it here  (mirrored by us) and it brings with it all the UI changes and issues (15 minute refund limit) we discussed earlier. I should warn you that as of now, the APK we have only works for stock Android 2.2 devices. I have it working on both my stock Android 2.2 Nexus One and stock Android 2.2 G2.

Update from Artem: It works on my rooted EVO 4G and reportedly works on other rooted devices - root by itself can't affect something like this.
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Android Market Update To Bring New Home Page, Lessen Refund Time [+Poll]

It seems that Gingerbread is bringing the Market revamp we've all been hoping for - but that doesn't mean devices running older versions of Android can't join in on the fun, too. Google has announced via the Android Developers blog that the Android Market client will be receiving an update over the next two weeks that brings several important changes, and any device running Android 1.6 and up will receive it (sorry, Cupcake users, you're out of luck).

The most notable change will be in the UI - the Home and Categories pages now each feature a carousel that scrolls through promoted apps.

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