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The New York Times Launches NYT VR, A Series Of Virtual Reality Films - Over One Million Subscribers Will Get Free Google Cardboard Headsets

The New York Times is nicknamed "The Grey Lady" of the traditional news media. That being the case, they might not be your first guess if you were told to predict which newspaper would dive headfirst into virtual reality. But that appears to be the case: the Times announced today that it's launching a new series of short investigative films intended to be viewed on the new crop of VR headsets that use phones as viewers, like Google Cardboard and Samsung VR.

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YouTube Gaming v1.1 Promises Background & Offline Playback, Cardboard Support, And Battletoads [APK Teardown]

Not everybody is into live streaming gameplay, but for those that are, and particularly those that play a lot of games on Android, this week's update for YouTube Gaming was a pretty big deal. It brought much-needed support for recording and live broadcasting your screen directly to YouTube. While the update is significant for the features we now have, it also happens to include some signs for a few more things we can expect in the future. We can see a few of YouTube's newer features are going to hop over to the gaming side, including background playback, offline playback, and even Cardboard support.

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Latest Street View v2.0 Adds Google Cardboard Support To Use With All Of Those Awesome Photospheres

Google Street View launched as a true standalone app just last month, becoming something of a shared gallery for the world's most awesome locales. People can easily look through and contribute to a vast selection of great photographs and photospheres from around the globe. But if you were looking for the truly immersive experience, the app was still somewhat lacking. That is, until now. The latest update adds Google Cardboard support, so everybody can take a trip without leaving their home.

2015-10-07 10.35.052015-10-07 10.34.37

To switch modes, just tap on the new Cardboard icon in the top-right corner of the screen on any 360-degree photo.

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Just Cause 3: Wingsuit Tour Lets You Ride Along With Rico In Virtual Reality

According to my Steam statistics, I've played approximately 162 hours of Just Cause 2, a significant portion of which was spent grappling members of the Panauan armed forces to lit fuel containers to make them zoom away like man-sized Roman candles. Avalanche Studios' open-world magnum opus seems to nail what larger franchises like Grand Theft Auto forgot years ago: the most fun you can get from a sandbox game is in blowing large parts of said sandbox to smithereens.

So it's no wonder that the sequel, Just Cause 3, is making waves months before its release. In addition to the standard shooting/driving setup and the unique parachute/grapple hook mechanic of the previous game, the third entry will give players infinite batches of C4 explosives and a wingsuit for even more ways to traverse the massive game world.

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Google Introduces 360-Degree Video Ads On YouTube

360-degree video for YouTube was introduced earlier this year, giving users the ability to move their phones or mouse cursors to shift their POV in any direction. Within a short time major advertisers such as Coca-Cola and Nike began using the new technology to create videos for their YouTube channels with the hopes of achieving greater customer engagement.

Based on initial feedback from the videos that were posted, viewers are more likely to watch a video in its entirety when they can control the direction the camera is facing. A 360-degree Coca-Cola video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their curvy bottle had a 36% higher view-through rate than the standard, single viewpoint video.

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Get A Free Google Cardboard VR Viewer... From This Porn Site (US Only)

If you haven't been able to grab a free Google Cardboard VR headset from various trade shows, under-supplied OnePlus promotions, Conan O'Brien, or anyone else, there's one more option. does what it says on the box, so to speak: if you're a United States resident over the age of 18, just enter an address and an email and they'll send you a free Google Cardboard unit. (You can probably use a fake email address... and you might want to.) Slip your phone inside and you get access to all the compatible apps on the Play Store. Why? That's an interesting question.

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Free OnePlus Cardboard (With $5 Shipping Fee) Is Now Live, Only 30,000 Available [Update: It's Gone]

OnePlus announced recently that the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 later this month would take place in VR. Why? Why not, I guess. To support this effort, OnePlus will be giving away free-ish Google Cardboard VR headsets. They are available now and all you have to pay for is shipping.

It'll cost you $5 to get a Cardboard unit from OnePlus, but it sounds like it's not available in all regions. Indian users in particular are having trouble placing orders. Assuming you can get one in your region, it should ship out on or around July 10th.

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YouTube v10.21 Adds Cardboard Support To 360-Degree Videos For The True In-Your-Face Experience [APK Download]

A couple of months ago, Google brought 360-degree videos to YouTube. While we're still not seeing a lot of multi-directional content popping up, it has certainly warranted some attention, including a fairly lengthy mention during the Google I/O 2015 Keynote presentation. At the time, we learned that YouTube would be adding VR video support for Cardboard later this summer. In a rare turn of events, Google's claim of "later this summer" actually meant it was one week away – or six days, to be exact.

2015-06-04 01.41.112015-06-04 01.52.14

left: old version, right: new version. Note the cardboard symbol next to the timeline

Now, whenever a 360-degree video begins playing, the overlay screen will show the Cardboard logo just to the right of the track bar shortly before the entire overlay fades out.

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Google's Cardboard App Updated To Version 1.5


Google Releases Cardboard Design Lab To Walk You Through VR Design... In VR

Since debuting at last year's I/O, Google's Cardboard effort hasn't slowed down. Google has been making it easier and easier for manufacturers and developers to hop on board with its vision of virtual reality, and the project got some major updates yesterday. On stage, Google showed off a new Cardboard viewer that accommodates bigger phones (including those running iOS), 360 degree videos, and expeditions for classrooms.

Just last month, Google announced its "Works with Cardboard" program, along with new design guidelines and today Google has released an app that will make those guidelines tangible for VR developers and designers - Cardboard Design Lab.

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