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[New Story: HELP] Google Releases New 360 Spotlight Story "On Ice," Teases Updates To The Android App

Spotlight Stories is one of the remnants of Motorola that Google kept after selling the company to Lenovo. It's a fun project that releases interesting movies every now and then that aren't like anything you've seen before. They're interactive, shot in 360-degree, and each time you watch them, you can unveil a different storyline and ending by simply moving and looking elsewhere.

Spotlight Stories used to be confined to their Android app, but Google brought them out to YouTube back in December as 360-degree videos that you can only watch on your phone in the YouTube app either on your screen or through Cardboard.

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Google Adds VR Section To Google Store, Starts Selling View-Master And C1-Glass Cardboard Viewers

Virtual reality is suddenly a big deal again. It's like the early 90s, but with devices you might actually want to buy. Google is ramping up its Cardboard VR promotion with a dedicated VR area of the Google Store. Featured for sale are the View-Master and C1-Glass VR viewers.

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Public Speaking For Cardboard Lets You Practice Speaking In Front Of A Virtual Audience

People rate public speaking as one of their greatest fears, usually right between crocodile attacks and terrorism. The miracle of Google Cardboard can help you get over that fear with a little app called Public Speaking for Cardboard. Just fire up the app and you'll be transported in front of an audience to practice your speech as they stare awkwardly at you.

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Speck Announces A Foldable 'Pocket' VR Headset With Google Cardboard Certification, Coming In 2016

CES always seems to have at least one major trend at the trade show, and this year's hot ticket is virtual reality. With a new HTC Vive headset, the announcement of the Oculus Rift's pricey consumer model, and all manner of smaller announcements, it's safe to say that VR is the belle of the ball on the show floor. But all of them have one thing in common: you can't fit them in a pocket. Even Google's super-cheap Cardboard system is about the size of a dSLR camera when assembled. Case maker Speck thinks it's solved that problem with a new design, which is about the same size as a phone.

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Google Brings Spotlight Stories To YouTube With Holiday-Themed 'Special Delivery'

Google kept several parts of Motorola when it sold the remainder to Lenovo. It got a bunch of patents, Project Ara, and of course, Spotlight Stories. These used to be confined to an app, but today Google is bringing the 360-degree videos to YouTube.

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YouTube Gaming 1.2 Introduces A Setup Flow For New Users, Cardboard Support, Tweaked Capture Interface [APK Download]

A new version of YouTube's Gaming offspring has been rolling out on the Play Store with a long list of interface improvements and new features that's sure to make any gamer happy.

For new users, YouTube Gaming now has an on-boarding setup that first recommends six games to follow, probably based on your previous YouTube watching history, and then automatically imports the gaming channels you have subscribed to on YouTube.

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[Deal Alert] The Mattel View-Master VR, Which Also Works As A Google Cardboard Headset, Is On Sale For $20 At Amazon And Wal-Mart

I don't think anyone realized just how widespread Google's Cardboard "virtual reality" standard would become when it was first announced. And as neat as some of the games and apps that use Cardboard are, it's hard to escape the fact that the headsets are, well, made of cardboard. If you'd like something more sturdy (without having to buy a new LG phone), you can grab one of Mattel's revitalized View-Master VR toys. The original price was a bit steep at thirty bucks, but today Amazon and Wal-Mart are selling them for $19.97, a little closer to impulse buy range and pretty decent stocking-stuffers to boot.

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Lowe's Hardware Stores Are Giving Away Google Cardboard Units So Maybe You'll Renovate Your Kitchen

Virtual reality (or whatever term some picky people would like to apply to it) is the hot new thing. Conventional businesses are trying to incorporate it into their plans, and nothing shouts "conventional business" like a hardware store. To that end, US hardware chain Lowe's is working on some interesting ways to get customers involved in their renovation projects, even before they start putting down plastic sheets. At a few stores in Colorado and Ohio, Lowe's has created special VR stations that will let you recreate an entire room, then swap out 3D appliances, apply different paint colors, and do all kinds of home improvement things while seeing the results in real time with an Oculus Rift headset.

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YouTube Now Supports Cardboard VR Mode On All Videos

YouTube started offering 360-degree videos earlier this year, but now the app has been updated with full support for Cardboard-compatible VR viewers. Didn't that already happen? Yes, it did. Apparently it's better now? In addition, you can watch any video in Cardboard, even if it wasn't filmed for full VR.


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Cardboard v1.7 Adds A Slick Welcome Video And New Demo Screen, Photospheres For App Screenshots, Drops Windy Day [APK Download]

Google surprised everybody back in 2014 with an unusual project called Cardboard, a low cost and simple viewer that could work with a smartphone to create simple virtual reality environments. Cardboard has quickly grown into a very engaging tool and it has been adopted in many classrooms as a result. The latest update to the demo app polishes up the experience as well as makes it a bit easier to find new apps to play with. Sadly, Windy Day is no longer included.

What's New

Welcome Video

2015-11-04 19.19.142015-11-04 19.19.33

The first time you launch Cardboard after the update, you'll be greeted immediately by one of the big changes: a brand new welcome video.

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