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Here are some Android-themed love cards for Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day, and whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone loves the hilarious e-cards that spread across social networks this time of year. What better way to mark the occasion than making our own Android-themed cards? For your enjoyment, we made 10 love cards poking fun at Android phones and the people/companies behind them:

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SparkFun publishes app to detect gas pump/ATM card skimmers

Generally speaking, a skimmer is a small device used to steal credit/debit card information. Thieves will place them on top of card insertion slots on unwatched payment terminals (example), like those on gas station pumps and outdoor ATMs. When you insert your card, the card passes through the skimmer, which captures the magnetic strip data. Later, the thief will return and collect the recorded data, sometimes allowing them to make purchases using the stolen card information.

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[What Does The Fox Say?] Google Search Can Teach You Animal Sounds, If That's Your Jam

Google Search can do many wondrous things: set up a reminder item, imitate a metronome, show (reasonably) accurate weather predictions...or play animal sounds. That's right, the newest feature to come to the platform is a function to play a requested animal sound, which may make you feel like you're in a zoo, but might come in handy one day.

So what animals are there to choose from? Well, there're cats and dogs, alongside a range of 'farmyard' animals, such as pigs, cows, horses, turkeys, and roosters. Then there's the 'wildlife' contingency of the animal kingdom - tigers, zebras, lions, apes, raccoons, and elephants.

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Google Adds A Metronome Card To Search, Pleasing Musicians Everywhere

It feels like Google is always adding new cards to Search, and it's just quietly released another one: a metronome. Simply search for 'metronome,' and a card will pop up showing a beats-per-minute slider and a play button. Press play and you get a clicking noise. Voila, a metronome.

The beats-per-minute value is set at 120 by default, but can be changed to any number between 40 and 208. When you tweak the value, the color changes from blue to orange, and when you press play, the button animates, pulsating according to the selected value. The card works with both desktop and mobile search, so you can play the piano and have a beat without needing a computer.

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One And A Half Years Later, The Plastc Card Remains Delayed And Incomplete

A few years ago, a couple companies had the idea of creating credit cards with e-ink screens that could replace all the other credit cards in your pocket. You may remember them as Coin and Plastc. The former, after missing its target date by a year, hit the market in 2015. The latter is still in development. Since quite a bit of time has passed since the end of 2014, Plastc is now issuing a status update.

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The Plastc Card, Coin's New Competitor, Is Packing Better Features And A Higher Price Tag For Anyone Who Isn't Too Jaded To Pre-Order

Nearly a year ago, this company called Coin came to the Internet with a product, also called Coin, that it promised would store all of your credit, debit, and loyalty cards inside of a single nifty replacement. People could pre-order this Bluetooth-connected card for $50, and they were told they would receive it by summer of 2014, otherwise known as the season that just ended. Where are their cards? Well, they're still available for pre-order, and orders placed now aren't expected to arrive until the summer of 2015.

In the wake of such an unfortunate turn of events, another company has come forth with a similar product.

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New Google Now 'Flight Price Monitor' Card Will Tell You When A Flight You Are Interested In Drops In Price

Google Now is constantly gaining new abilities that are generally awesome, if a little bit creepy. One such feature, brought to our attention today, is the ability to keep track of flight prices.

This is another automatic feature whereby Google infers your intention and presents useful info on that basis. In this case, if you are eyeing a flight or itinerary through Google Flights (it does not appear that this works with other travel booking sites right now), Google will make a note of that and drop a helpful card into your Google Now screen to let you know when the price of that flight changes.

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Updated Google Maps-Style Navigation Card Now Rolling Out In Google Search

An increasing number of users have stumbled across a new navigation card when looking for directions using the Google Search app. Apparently the tech giant has decided to pull the switch that opens this feature up to a wider populace. The card resembles Google Maps: it provides a map with the trip drawn out, the option to select the desired mode of transportation, alternate routes to select from, and a giant blue start button for when it's time to get moving. You can click on any of the routes to see a list of directions without having to load up the Maps app.

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Google Now's Multi-City Weather Card Updated With Daily Maximum And Minimum Temperatures

Wanna see something cool? Or, depending on your current location, hot? Then pop open the Google Now interface on your Android phone or tablet. The Weather card is a regular on the Now page, but you might see something new in there today if you have the recently updated stacked multi-city view showing, namely high and low temperatures values. Neat.

wm_Screenshot_2014-07-02-16-06-35 wm_Screenshot_2014-07-02-18-14-28

That's all there is, there isn't any more - check out the latest Search APK update, including device-wide "OK Google" activation, for more information. And if you're not seeing the highs and lows in your Google Now view, you should soon - Google is notorious for staged feature rollouts.

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Google Slowly Turning On Newer, Cleaner App Results UI In Search App [Poll]

Several days ago, it was brought to our attention that Google's Search app finally allowed completely touchless reminders, whereby a user could set a reminder from start to finish without touching the device. Previously, reminders required a touch confirmation at the end of the process. Now, the "voice of Google" simply asks if the user would like the reminder to be set. Saying "yes" will complete the interaction.

It seems this isn't the only server-side switch Google is pulling, though. For a while now, we've been getting tips that the Search app has been returning app results in an interface a little different from the old vertical list view.

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