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Google Trips soon to include itinerary sharing and expanded reservation support

Google has just pushed out a blog post that indirectly outlines a few changes to Google Trips. We reported last month that manually adding reservations and support for bus and train tickets had been implemented in the app. This latest post by Google shows off some additional features, like easy itinerary sharing and new reservation types like restaurants and car rentals.

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Maps v9.10 Adds New Photo Gallery Viewer, Car Rental Bookings, And More [APK Download]

A new update to Google's Maps application is out, but the wait for offline navigation must go on. This is a relatively minor version bump, so we're not going to see the big features mentioned at I/O, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some pretty good things in this release. We now get to enjoy a new photo gallery view, car rental bookings will be shown, and there are a few pleasant improvements in Settings.

What's New

New Photo Gallery View

2015-06-09 00.30.222015-06-09 01.09.382015-06-09 01.09.53

Left: old photo view, Center: new photo gallery, Right: new single photo view

A few weeks ago, Google made some subtle changes to the interface for uploading photos for locations you had visited.

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Getaround Car Sharing Service Releases Android App For Use In Austin, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, And San Francisco

The American dream of owning a car is on the decline, and depending on which part of the country you live in, there's no shortage of ways to get from point A to point B without reaching for your own set of car keys. Getaround is one company that has carved a niche for itself, allowing drivers to rent vehicles from private owners, who are able to set their own rental price. This car-sharing approach, as opposed to ride-sharing (think Lyft or Uber), helps cut down on the volume of cars on the road by reducing the number that need to be purchased in the first place.

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Zipcar Beta Hits The Market, Renting A Car Has Never Been Easier

It has been about a month since we first mentioned that car rental company Zipcar was working on an Android app, and the first beta has now arrived. With this app you'll be able to find and rent a car directly from your Android device, but that's not all - it will also allow you to lock/unlock the doors and honk the horn. That last part may seem like a bit of a novelty, but you have to admit that it's still pretty rad.

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Even if you're not a Zipcar member, they encourage you do download the app just to "have some fun." The app is free in the Market, so go ahead and take a peek, see if there are any cars in your area, and learn what Zipcar is all about.

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