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Get your phone out of the cup holder and upgrade to the Kenu Airframe+ car vent mount, on sale for $15 (20% off)

These days, it's more important than ever to be mindful of how often our hands come into contact with the surfaces and objects around us. It's also well known that our phones can carry more microbes than almost anything else we touch regularly. One of the easiest ways to reduce contact with your phone, at least while driving, is to rely on a car mount and voice commands, and, with our latest deal, you can save 20% off the Kenu Airmount+, which typically sells for $18.70.

The Airframe+ vent mount is compatible with phone screens that measure up to 6" diagonally and up to 3.4" wide, so even though this model first launched a few years ago, it will work with an assortment of modern smartphones as well.

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Save up to 47% on iOttie car mounts and wireless chargers during one-day sale

Do you happen to own a car without Android Auto support? Or maybe just a car without a great place to put your phone? Thankfully, there are plenty of third-party retailers ready to help solve that particular problem with a variety of mounts and cradles. If you happen to be looking for a new or upgraded phone holder for your car, you can save up to $14 on select phone mounts and home wireless chargers from iOttie during Amazon's latest deal of the day.

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Scosche's new arm mount lets you watch Netflix in the shower hands-free

Scosche seems to know what it's doing when it comes to making wirelessly-charging phone mounts that don't get in the way of your vehicle's climate control vents. In fact, at this very CES, the company extended the MagicMount's utility with new air freshener cartridges that integrate right into the base. Today, though, we come to a little something different: a suction-mounted telescoping arm.

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Scosche jams an air freshener into its car mounts so it can sell subscriptions

Last year at CES 2019, Scosche announced the MagicMount Charge3, a car mount that hooks into your car's air vent to keep a phone locked steadily in place. Unlike similar products, the MagicMount was designed so neither the mount or the phone would obstruct airflow from the vents, plus it supported wireless charging for your phone. This may sound like the holy grail of car mounts, but this year Scosche added the one thing that was obviously missing: an air freshener.

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iOttie's iTap magnetic car vent mount on sale for $11 ($6 off) at Amazon

Nobody wants their phone rattling around their car while they drive, getting dirty, wet, or damaged — you've got to keep that thing in place. If you're looking for a solution and nothing's sticking, you might be drawn to the iOttie iTap magnetic mount, currently on sale at Amazon for $11 ($6 off).

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SnapTo by Moshi review: Magnetic, fast wireless chargers for your desk and car

Qi wireless charging's popularity has seen an ebb and flow since the tech's introduction. After growing slowly but steadily for several years, it stalled for a while, but is seeing a resurgence now with many popular smartphone makers supporting the standard. Flagships from Google, Samsung, Huawei, and several other Android brands are Qi compatible nowadays, and accessory makers have jumped on the trend.

Beside wireless charging pads and stands, many have combined the convenience of plopping a device on a surface and seeing its battery fill up with the simplicity of magnetic mounts, to create a product that's nearly seamless to use.

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Scosche's MagicGrip Charge wireless charging mount literally grabs your phone from you

Scosche already announced a nifty wireless charging in-car mount, the MagicMount Charge3, at CES yesterday, but the new MagicGrip Charge is pretty interesting as well. This Qi-powered mount actually grabs your phone from you with motorized arms — something I've never seen on a car mount before.

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[Deal Alert] iOttie car mounts are Amazon's Deal of the Day and just $14-35 (30% off)

Not everyone has a car with Android Auto built in. Some of us have to make do with firing up the app when we pile into our car, sorting through a tangle of cables, Bluetooth devices, and clamps with our phones before we head out. If you'd like to streamline that process a bit, or if you've yet to join the Android Auto app-powered ranks, iOttie has four different car mounts that are Deals of the Day over at Amazon and 30% off. 

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[Deal Alert] Artem-approved Kenu Airframe+ car vent mount $19.99 on Amazon ($10 off)

Look, sometimes we write things here on Android Police because Artem wants us to write them. And when Artem demands asks for something, you oblige because you fear respect him. That's the case with this deal. We tried to surreptitiously mark the post as done in our internal to-do list, but he kept re-opening it. So here we are, it had to be done and I decided to take the bullet. Bear with me as I try to make this seem interesting and fun.

The Kenu Airframe+ is a car air vent mount. It's a big mount that expands to 8.6cm to accommodate larger phones.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech universal suction cup car mount just $3.99 on Amazon w/coupon ($2 off)

Cheap accessories are the best accessories. So if you're in the market for a new car mount, look no further than today's deal. Right now over on Amazon, you can pick up a Choetech universal suction-cup car mount for just $3.99. Your morning coffee might cost more.

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