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Scosche's MagicGrip Charge wireless charging mount literally grabs your phone from you

Scosche already announced a nifty wireless charging in-car mount, the MagicMount Charge3, at CES yesterday, but the new MagicGrip Charge is pretty interesting as well. This Qi-powered mount actually grabs your phone from you with motorized arms — something I've never seen on a car mount before.

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[Deal Alert] iOttie car mounts are Amazon's Deal of the Day and just $14-35 (30% off)

Not everyone has a car with Android Auto built in. Some of us have to make do with firing up the app when we pile into our car, sorting through a tangle of cables, Bluetooth devices, and clamps with our phones before we head out. If you'd like to streamline that process a bit, or if you've yet to join the Android Auto app-powered ranks, iOttie has four different car mounts that are Deals of the Day over at Amazon and 30% off. 

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[Deal Alert] Artem-approved Kenu Airframe+ car vent mount $19.99 on Amazon ($10 off)

Look, sometimes we write things here on Android Police because Artem wants us to write them. And when Artem demands asks for something, you oblige because you fear respect him. That's the case with this deal. We tried to surreptitiously mark the post as done in our internal to-do list, but he kept re-opening it. So here we are, it had to be done and I decided to take the bullet. Bear with me as I try to make this seem interesting and fun.

The Kenu Airframe+ is a car air vent mount. It's a big mount that expands to 8.6cm to accommodate larger phones.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech universal suction cup car mount just $3.99 on Amazon w/coupon ($2 off)

Cheap accessories are the best accessories. So if you're in the market for a new car mount, look no further than today's deal. Right now over on Amazon, you can pick up a Choetech universal suction-cup car mount for just $3.99. Your morning coffee might cost more.

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[Deal Alert] iOttie's suction cup, CD slot, and air vent mounts are all discounted on Amazon

Do you have a car? Do you also have a phone? Then you might need a car mount for your phone. If you don't have one already, iOttie has discounted three of its mounts on Amazon for today only.

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Logitech's ZeroTouch car mounts re-purposed as Android Auto mounts, now available from Google Store

Some months ago, Logitech released a pair of car mounts called "ZeroTouch." At the time, I thought they were interesting, but ultimately not worth the high price. Now, this same hardware is back on the Google Store as an Android Auto mount. The price is still crazy, though.

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[Hands-On] Logitech Announces Logi ZeroTouch Android Car Mounts With Voice Control App

Logitech is unveiling a new product today, and its exclusively for Android with the aim of making it easier to use your phone in the car without distraction. Logi ZeroTouch is a smart car mount with included voice control app. And yes, you need one to use the other. These two things are not usually so intertwined, but ZeroTouch is an unusual product. Would you like to know how unusual? Read on.

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[And It's Gone...] Get A Spigen Air Vent Magnetic Mount Free With Code

We all love free stuff, at least when it's good. So this one is a no-brainer. If you hurry over to Amazon, you might be able to score a free Spigen air vent magnetic mount! Seriously, don't finish reading this, just go now, these probably won't last long. Just add the mount to your cart and use the code XU6JG4A6 at checkout to receive an instant promotional credit that brings the final price down to zero.

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[Deal Alert] Grab This Magnetic Windshield Car Mount For $3.99 With Free Shipping On iTechDeals

If you've ever looked at both AliExpress and Samsung's accessories store, you'd know that car mounts can range from the super cheap to the super expensive and there are dozens of different designs and concepts used to keep the phone stable despite the vibrations and accelerations of the car. One of my favorite types of car mounts are magnetic: they're usually sturdy, very simple to use, have less moving parts, and are super quick for placing and removing the phone.

If you love these types of mounts or you want to try one out and see if it could work for you, today's a good day to do so.

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SCOSCHE MagicMount Pro Review - A Highly Convenient Magnetic Mount With A Couple Of Trade-Offs

Car phone mounts can be a real pain to use. Most mounts on the market use some sort of clamping mechanism to secure your phone. While a clamp can effectively hold your device while driving, it is not a very elegant solution. Access to buttons is often blocked by the arms of the clamps, phones can fall out during sudden stops, changing from landscape to portrait can be a chore, and mounting the phone is often a two-handed operation.

SCOSCHE, a car and phone accessory manufacturer, believes that magnets are the answer to all these annoyances. They have been making magnetic mounts for a long time and just debuted their new line of magnetic mounts, the MagicMount Pro series.

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