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[Deal Alert] Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 Dual Port USB Car Charger $9.49 On Amazon After $7.50 Coupon Code

You're driving down the road, the cool summer breeze helping attenuate the heat of the sun, great music playing from the speakers, and nothing but empty highways ahead. Suddenly, you look at your phone and realize that the battery is almost dead but you need it to be alive to use Google Maps when you reach the next town. Your partner's phone is plugged into the car charger and they specifically told you to let it fill up before they dozed off half an hour ago.

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[Deal Alert] Grab Six Tronsmart Premium Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible MicroUSB Cables For Only $7 On Amazon

News alert AP readers. MicroUSB cables are not all created equal. As Artem discovered a couple of weeks back, if you are using the crappy cable that came with your bluetooth headset to charge your phone, it is going to charge reeeaaaaallllyyyy slow. If you want to get the maximum performance out of your high speed chargers, you need high performance cables.

I just happen to have a sweet little deal to share with you all for some of the fastest cables on the market.

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[Deal Alert] Grab A CHOETECH 2-Port Quick-Charge 2.0 Car Charger For $10.50 On Amazon After $5.50 Off Coupon

No person who calls him/herself a tech enthusiast would ever dream of driving away from their house without a decent USB car charger in their vehicle. In my opinion, what makes a car charger great is the trifecta of good performance, decent looks, and a killer price. I just happen to have a deal on a charger that fits all three of those requirements to share with you all.

Amazon has the CHOETECH 2-Port white Quick-Charge 2.0 car charger on sale for just $10.50 after coupon today.

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[Deal Alert] EasyAcc 24W 4.8A 3-Port USB Car Charger $5 After Coupon, Similar Deal Reduces 10000mAh Power Bank To $15.39

Whoa, whoa! Before you load up that car and take off on your next vacation, sit down and take a look at this deal. On Amazon, you can currently get a 24W 4.8A 3-port USB car charger for $5. That's enough outlets for you, your spouse, and junior to all power your gadgets at the same time.

You have to enter the coupon code DDRQLCOL to bring the price down from $11.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 2-Port, 30W USB Car Charger With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 By Tronsmart For $9.99 With Free Shipping Eligibility At Amazon After Coupon

There are few places more suited to using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 capability (also known as Adaptive Fast Charging on Samsung devices) than in the car. You might have a 20 minute commute to work and in that span of time, you can get your phone halfway charged or better with the new charging specification, compared to the meager 10-20% you might get with a conventional 2.1A output. With today's deal on this Tronsmart car charger with both QC 2.0 and a conventional 2.4A port, you can get that in your vehicle for just $10.

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[Deal Alert] 54W Tronsmart Four Port USB Car Charger With One Quick Charge 2.0 Port $13 On Amazon

If you need to charge a lot of gear simultaneously in your car, then boy, have I got a great deal for you. Right now you can pick up a monstrous Tronsmart 54W four port USB car charger for the sweet price of just $13 after a $7 off coupon code. That's like four bucks a port! What makes it even better is that one of the ports is a Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0 port that will rapidly charge most current gen Android handsets.

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[Deal Alert] Dual-USB Car Charger With Window-Shattering Glass Hammer And Hazard Lights $6 On Amazon After $4 Off Coupon

Cheap USB car chargers are a dime a dozen, even ones with enough ports to charge two devices at once. But this dual-USB (2.1A + 1A) charger from Elivebuy stands out, and it's not because this is the fastest charger of the bunch. It caught our attention because it just might save your life, and it will do it for six bucks if you go to Amazon and enter the coupon code Q626JPAD at checkout.

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[Update: $5 Now] Deal Alert: Omaker 3-USB 5.1A Car Charger Just $7 On Amazon With Coupon Code

It's not hard to find USB car chargers, nor is it difficult to find ones with multiple ports. It's not challenging to find them cheap, either. So to catch our eye, you're going to need a lot of ports at a low price.

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[Deal Alert] EasyAcc 25W 5A 3-Port USB Car Charger For $8.79 After Coupon Code With Free Amazon Prime Shipping

You may have a few wall chargers with multiple USB ports lying around your house and office, but what about the distance in between? And that bizarre thing that people do on weekends where they get out of the house and go places? Well, you may find yourself in need of a powerful charger for your car, one that could keep your phone going along with the spouse's and Junior's tablet which is always, always, running low on juice.

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TYLT Announces The VU Car Charger For Wireless Charging On The Go [Hands-On]

I dig my TYLT VU, and it's how I charge my Nexus 5 basically every night. Like most users who get used to never having to plug in their phone, I get slightly annoyed when I have to search for the cable and stab the microUSB port for a dose of juice. Typically, this only happens in the car, because I've been using a standard car charger for what seems like an eternity.

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