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Belkin is finally replacing customers' faulty $45 27W USB-PD car chargers after 7 months

Belkin is one of the most established mobile tech accessory companies out there, but that doesn't mean it's not privy to making mistakes. About seven months back, charger wizards Nathan K and Benson Leung, along with XDA forums member mtucker, discovered a fault with Belkin's $44.99 F7U004 27W USB-PD car charger. Unfortunately, it's taken until now for Belkin to release a revised model, and the process to get one seems rather interesting.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey's dual USB QC 3.0 car charger is $9 on Amazon with promo code

Aukey makes great chargers and portable battery banks, and the company's QC 3.0-compatible Dual USB car charger goes on sale somewhat frequently. Now you can get it from Amazon for just $9, once you use a promo code.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up an AUKEY car charger with a QC 3.0 port and a USB Type-C 5V 3A port for $9.20 (Normally $19.99)

I really wish that phone manufacturers would make up their minds and choose just one fast charging technology. Some phones use Qualcomm Quick charge, others use a 5V 3A power supply via Type-C (I won't even get started on those who do something else completely different). It's annoying that each group of devices requires a different charger to charge at its peak potential. That is, unless you have one charger that can do both. That's precisely what this AUKEY car charger has, with one port for each charging technology. It's also on sale for more than 50 percent off today when you apply a coupon code.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey CC-T8 car charger with Quick Charge 3.0 is $9 (47% off) on Amazon after coupon

There aren't many car chargers that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Aukey's CC-T8 car charger has not one, but two QC3.0-compatible USB ports capable of an output of 2.4A each. Now you can get it for only $9 on Amazon after a special code.

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[Deal Alert] Grab an Aukey dual port Quick Charge 3.0 car charger for $12.99 ($7 off)

Christmas has come and gone and you're probably thinking who on earth a) still has money to buy anything and b) cares about car chargers enough to purchase one right now. But you'd be wrong. One, because many of you may have long car rides ahead of them on New Year's Eve or a day or two after, and two, because you've probably spent a lot of money purchasing gifts that you'd appreciate a nifty discount on an item that you already wanted to buy.

So this is the deal: the Aukey CC-T8 car charger is now down to $12.99 on Amazon. This is the one that has two QC3.0 ports and not just one regular port and one QC3.0 like the other charger we told you about a few days ago.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up a 2-port Aukey car charger with QC 3.0 for just 8 bucks after coupon on Amazon ($5 off)

As a community of tech addicts, we tend to be a bit more demanding of our phone's battery life than the average user. Because of this, we need to take advantage of every opportunity available to recharge our gear. A perfect time to top off the tank of the ol' smartphone is during the daily commute. If you are fortunate enough to have a short one (you lucky devil) then you need a car charger that can provide the much-needed juice in a hurry. 

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[Deal Alert] Get an Aukey car charger with dual Quick Charge 3.0 ports for just $14.99 with a promo code ($5 off)

Car chargers have been available for years now, but most take excruciatingly long to fill phone batteries to 100%. However, if you've got $15 to spare, you can now grab an Aukey car charger with two USB ports, both of which are equipped with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology. (And just look at those orange accents!)

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Google adds a Belkin 27W USB-C car charger to the Google Store, but it costs a whopping $45

If you drive a car and have a phone, you've probably got a car charger somewhere - they're very useful for a top-up of juice or if you use the phone for navigation or music while driving. Presumably, Google's realised the same thing, as it's added a Belkin car charger to the store.

The charger, which was announced a few months ago, is 27W - this means it can charge up to 70% faster. Like the charger that comes in the 6P or 5X box, it supports USB Power Delivery. It can also charge laptops or tablets, such as the Chromebook Pixel or the Pixel C, faster than lower wattage chargers can.

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Review: The Nonda ZUS Car Charger Is The Charger James Bond Would Use If He Had Trouble Remembering Where He Parked

I've owned, used, and abused a lot of USB car chargers over the years. They all do more or less the same thing, and most look nearly identical to every other car charger on the market. When Nonda contacted me asking if I was interested in taking a look at their ZUS dual port car charger ($30), I almost deleted the message.

With a max output of 2.4A per outlet (ideal for Apple products), the charger sports decent charging speeds, but with no Qualcomm Quick Charge technology or Nexus Rapid Charge support, I didn't think it was worth my time to review.

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[Deal Alert] $5-6 Off Coupon Codes For Three Of Aukey's New USB Type-C Chargers With QC 3.0 & Nexus Rapid Charge Support

I reviewed Aukey's lineup of chargers a couple months ago and overall, I liked them. They are solid, affordable, and work well. My only qualm with them was that they were not capable of rapid charging my Nexus 6P. Well, Aukey has some new chargers out now that solve that issue. They sent me three to check out and I'm happy to report that they work great with QC devices and the new crop of Nexus phones alike.

All three chargers sport one USB Type-C port that is compatible with Nexus phones and QC 3.0 devices, the other ports are 2.4A adaptive ports that will work just fine to juice up your other gear.

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