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Top Gear veterans Clarkson, Hammond, and May are the latest Waze navigation celebrity voices

For fans of all things automotive, the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are three of the most recognizable voices in the world. The three hosted the relaunched UK car show Top Gear for more than a decade before a controversial falling out with the BBC, after which all three moved to the new Amazon show The Grand Tour. As a brilliant bit of promotion for the new show, they're now available as custom driving narration in the Waze navigation app.

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Nexar turns any Android phone into an always-on AR dashcam

A dashcam is one of those things that seems only slightly important until about five minutes after a fender-bender, wherein it becomes retroactively essential. Even so, those dashboard-mounted cameras don't grown on trees, so most cars in the US still aren't equipped with them. Nexar, a new Android app that's currently in "unreleased" status on the Play Store, aims to fix that. It turns any Android device into an AI-powered dash cam - all you need is Android 4.1 or later, a rear camera, and some way to mount it in your vehicle.

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Android Auto Website Expands List Of 2016-2018 Kia Car Models, Plus Software Updates For 2014 And 2015 Models

Android Auto continues to gain momentum as automakers search for a relatively easy and inexpensive way to equip their cars with electronics that work with customers' smartphones. South Korean auto company Kia previously committed to the platform on a handful of its cars, at least according to the official Android Auto website, but that list has been considerably expanded as of the latest update. The latest version lists nearly twenty models that will have Android Auto capability, including several 2014-2016 models that will receive it as an update.

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Volvo's On Call App Updated With A Slick New User Interface And Support For Android Wear

Volvos often get a bad rap. The running gag in the 80s and 90s was that the Swedish automaker known for some of the highest safety ratings on the road made boring cars for boring people. But these days Volvo offers a wide range of cars and SUVs, from mid-range to sport to luxury, with styling and features that meet or beat most competitors - all without sacrificing safety. That makes Volvo pretty cool in my book... but its Android apps still suck.

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Old above, new below.

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Maybe that's a bit harsh. The Volvo On Call app sucked as of this morning, at least according to reviews on the Play Store.

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HTC Uploads Its 'Car' Driving Homescreen App To The Play Store

At this point in my life, I never actually know where I am at any given moment. I simply trust Google Maps to tell me, and to get me home with its turn-by-turn driving directions. This kind of incredibly reckless lifestyle requires a decent car dock (like this one) and preferably a homescreen that's easy to use without taking your focus off the road. HTC includes just such an app on its One series phones, and now it's available in the Play Store.

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[Hands-On] AutoMate Turns Your Phone Into A Car-Friendly Dashboard, Is Now In Beta


We all know the perils of using a cell phone while driving. At best it's difficult and at worst it is incredibly dangerous. Still, sometimes we need to perform simple actions on our devices when behind the wheel. This basic problem has driven the development of Android Auto and various company-specific software and hardware to smooth things out. AutoMate is an Android app, now in beta, that is quite a bit easier than buying a new head unit. Rather, it delivers a cleaner, Android Auto-inspired interface designed to make on-the-road use easier.


You will probably notice that it looks a lot like Android Auto.

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