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Google Assistant voice banking is being tested by NatWest, but it’s already proving cumbersome

Google pictures a world where you can ask the Assistant to do almost anything. If you connect the right services to the platform, you're already close to all-encompassing voice control today. That's also true for financial transactions: You can tell Google Assistant to send money through Google Pay. Integrating proper online banking is quite another feat, though. Google and British bank NatWest (part of RBS) have taken it upon themselves to trial such feature in a limited beta, but the current implementation comes with lots of hurdles and drawbacks.

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Android Pay gets Capital One support (no really, it's happening this time)

After approximately 62 false starts, Google and Capital One have worked everything out and made Capital One cards functional in Android Pay. Caveats... there are some. Not all cards are supported, and the verification process is kind of a mess.

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Google adds new banks to Android Pay, including Capital One (hopefully for real this time) [Update]

A new raft of banks have been added to Android Pay today, which is always nice. There are a couple dozen this time. There's First Flight FCU, Bristol County Savings Bank, oh and look at that... Capital One. Sweet Christmas. Only a year after it was listed as "coming soon."

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Samsung Pay gets support for Capital One credit cards

Capital One is one of the last big banks holding out as everyone else (even tiny regional banks) gets on board with Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Today, it takes a step in the right direction. An update to Samsung Pay is rolling out that adds support for some Capital One credit cards.

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Android Pay Adds Support For Nearly 50 New Banks, Including Capital One [Update: Capital One Removed]

Android Pay replaced Google Wallet last year, and with that change came more integration with banks. That meant rewards would be processed on your Android Pay purchases (yay), but it also meant that banks had to actually support the platform (boo). Google just added a ton of new banks to the list of supported institutions on the Android Pay site, and one of them is Capital One. Finally.

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[Deal Alert] Capital One Is Offering Four Free UberPool Rides To All Cardholders This Weekend

What's in your wallet? If it's a Capital One card, and you live in one of the largest metros in the US, and you like hoping into cars with strangers, then you may be about to get four free UberPool rides.

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Capital One Releases Android App For Mobile Banking

Capital One Services has finally joined the ranks of large financial institutions offering native Android mobile banking apps with the introduction of the official app.

Capital One account holders can now check their balances, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, view recent transactions and rewards, and, of course, find the nearest branches and ATMs.

image image image image

The app works on Android phones running Donut (1.6) and up, but cannot yet be installed on Honeycomb tablets (support for them is coming later). Grab it for free by using the links below:

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