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[Update: Full Google Assistant too] Google Assistant Actions add developer support for the Cantonese dialect

Google Assistant’s expansion story wouldn’t be as impressive without the support for regional dialects and Actions (third-party apps for the virtual helper). Bolstering its presence in regions around China, Actions on Google recently added support for the Cantonese language in Hong Kong. The voice assistant can already interact in far more languages than any of its counterparts, and this new addition will only make its presence stronger.

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The latest SwiftKey beta adds support for Cantonese and other new typing languages, plus more keyboard layouts [APK Download]

SwiftKey is one of the top choices for Android keyboards out there. It is my go-to and I strongly prefer it over Gboard for a variety of reasons. Regardless of where you stand, the best options offer a lot of language choices for either non-English speaking and/or multilingual users.

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[Update: Japanese keyboard too] Many language-specific Google keyboards get Nougat support, theme support, and more

The English alphabet only includes 26 different letters, but for many other languages that are not descendant from Latin, the number of valid characters is much larger. It turns out that this can make creating a keyboard that works well in those languages a bit difficult — imagine having a keyboard with hundreds or thousands of keys and you begin to get the picture. That's why Google has developed dedicated keyboard apps with alternative input methods specifically designed for languages such as Pinyin or Cantonese to make is easier for many (or maybe even most) users around the world to type in their native tongue.

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[New App] Google Releases Cantonese Keyboard App With English And Cantonese Dual Input

It can be a pain to type on a virtual keyboard in a language that doesn't use Latin characters, but for the many speakers of Cantonese, Google is here to help. A new Cantonese input app has appeared in Google play to make typing in Cantonese a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze, but that rhymes better than 'faster and more accurate.'

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The app supports multiple keyboards including Pinyin, Cangjie, handwriting, and voice input. These all support auto-correction and both simplified and traditional Chinese output. Users can also mix English and Cantonese words easily with the new input app.

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