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Canary View smart indoor camera is $50 (half off) at several retailers

Smart home security cameras don't always have to be expensive. Case in point: The Canary View — already a good value at its typical $99 price tag — is on sale right now for a mere $50. That's 50% off, making it one of the cheapest ways to get into smart home security, or a good opportunity to pick up a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) camera for your existing Canary setup.

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Canary announces $99 Canary View security camera, plus new Package Detection feature and Alexa integration

Smart home security cameras are very much in vogue these days. From Amazon's Cloud Cam to Nest's assorted cameras, it's a popular and growing market. Canary might not be quite so big as its competitors, but it offers affordable alternatives in the wake of its crowdfunding campaign back in 2013. The newest home security camera in the Canary lineup is the $99 Canary View. In addition to this new hardware, Canary has also announced an AI-based Package Detection feature and skill integration with Amazon's Alexa. 

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