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Canary now offers discounts on its cameras when purchased with a membership

Purchasing any of Canary's smart security cameras along with a Canary Membership will now net you a discount. Depending on the camera(s) and membership duration, you can save anywhere from $50 to $270.

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Canary tries to do some damage control, makes mediocre changes to its free plan yet again, good ones to the paid plan

You know what users like even less than a company that takes features away from them? It's a company that doesn't seem to make up its own mind about what it wants and doesn't want to offer them.

The story of Canary goes like this: the company made a nice connected security camera that I actually loved. In September of 2016, Canary changed its plans to introduce Membership, but caused an uproar because it forced all paid users into a $9.99 plan and took away the cheaper but good-enough-for-most-users $4.99 option (initial plans screenshot), and it also changed the free plan from 12hrs/camera to 24hrs total, divided on all the cams you had: 24hrs for 1 = double, 12hrs for 2 = same as before, 8hrs for 3 = bad, and it only gets worse from there.

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[Update: Official statement] Canary screws its free users, reduces videos to 10sec previews and removes plenty of other features

Every company needs to make money somehow, that's not up for debate. But going about it in a sneaky and disingenuous way is not the best practice to keep your customers and reputation. That's the case of Canary, the smart cam monitoring company that has now officially earned my wrath.

Out of the blue, Canary emailed its free users on October 3 (sorry we're late on this, but we were making sure our info was correct) and brought them the happy news that their smart cam is now nothing but a glorified live-streamer.

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[Deal Alert] Take 50% off a Canary security cam Membership with coupon code

Of the few security cameras I have tried (Canary, Piper, Blink), Canary is easily my favorite. It automatically turns to away mode when I'm not around, records short clips when it detects motion, lets me turn the privacy feature on when I'm there, doesn't require any constant fiddling on my part, and integrates with Wink for a lot of automations. I find that the free plan suits me with its 24 hours of recorded motion clips and unlimited bookmarks and downloads, but if I were to travel or get more cameras like that spiffy new Flex, I'd surely need the Membership plan.

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