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Canary Flex weatherproof camera picks up masking to avoid false alarms

It seems like everyone's adding smart cameras to their homes right now, and why not? More than just letting you keep an eye on your stuff, advanced software can crunch through hours of otherwise boring footage, sorting out the juicy stuff: package deliveries, the kids coming home from school, and that suspicious-looking schnauzer that keeps eyeing your bushes a little too closely. But sometimes there's just too much action going on, and we need to tell our cameras to ignore things we don't care about, focusing instead on areas of particular interest. Today, we're learning about just such a feature coming to the Canary Flex.

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Canary now offers discounts on its cameras when purchased with a membership

Purchasing any of Canary's smart security cameras along with a Canary Membership will now net you a discount. Depending on the camera(s) and membership duration, you can save anywhere from $50 to $270.

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Canary review: A connected security camera that nails the essentials, stumbles on the bonus features

You don't understand the feeling of violation that a theft causes until you open the door to your home and see everything moved, turned, tossed, and the muddy footprints of a stranger everywhere on your floor, your kitchen cabinets open, and even your bedspread removed and balled up in the garden. That happened to my family's mountain house many, many years ago, and I still remember the feeling of disgust over the scene as well as helplessness with all the police procedures that followed. The perpetrators were never caught, just like any minor theft that occurs in Lebanon — they only took small appliances — and we ended up installing gates and locks on all the windows and doors.

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