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Canary Flex weatherproof security camera half off MSRP and only $100 at Verizon

Smart home gadgets, especially outdoor smart home cameras, tend to be on the expensive side, but Verizon has pushed out a substantial discount on the Canary Flex, an indoor/outdoor weatherproof HD security camera. Right now you can snag one for just $100 at Verizon of all places, which is half of the $200 MSRP, which Canary is still asking for at its own site.

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Canary Flex weatherproof camera picks up masking to avoid false alarms

It seems like everyone's adding smart cameras to their homes right now, and why not? More than just letting you keep an eye on your stuff, advanced software can crunch through hours of otherwise boring footage, sorting out the juicy stuff: package deliveries, the kids coming home from school, and that suspicious-looking schnauzer that keeps eyeing your bushes a little too closely. But sometimes there's just too much action going on, and we need to tell our cameras to ignore things we don't care about, focusing instead on areas of particular interest. Today, we're learning about just such a feature coming to the Canary Flex.

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Canary Flex camera is unable to be set up with Oreo devices, but a fix from Google is on the way

With every new OS release, there are bugs that will need to be worked out, and Android Oreo is no exception. One of these bugs is completely preventing Oreo devices from setting up the Canary Flex security camera. Fortunately, Canary and Google are both aware of the situation, and a fix is on the way.

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[Deal Alert] Canary Flex indoor/outdoor security camera on sale for around $158 ($41 off)

You can't keep an eye on your home at all times without a little help, and Canary is one of the many camera manufacturers offering that sort of help. The Canary Flex is an indoor/outdoor camera that can operate with a power cable or entirely wire-free. A single camera is usually $199, but today it's on sale all over for around $158.

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Canary Flex is a weather-proof wire-free HD security cam with 4G LTE support

There is no shortage of WiFi-capable wireless security cameras on the market today. The Canary Flex is another entry, but with a few tricks that help it stand out from the crowd. First off, the design marks a strong resemblance to GlaDOS, and is available in white or black colors.

Inside the main unit is a 720p camera (actually 1080p, but downgraded for smoother streaming), a high-quality microphone, a 116° wide-angle lens, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. There is also a speaker for two-way communication, but that feature will come in a future software update.

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