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[Update: Granted bail] Canada arrests Huawei's Chief Financial Officer, China warns 'grave consequences'

Two days ago, Canadian police arrested the chief financial officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, following an extradition request by the United States government. Wanzhou was arrested for allegedly covering up Huawei's links to a company that tried to sell equipment to Iran — a country under trade sanctions by the United States.

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Amazon Music Unlimited now available in Canada

Amazon Music Unlimited is now available in Canada. Yesterday, the e-commerce giant announced details of the expansion which includes a 90-day trial (4-month trial for residents of Quebec). The launch of the service also brings Alexa to the app (iOS and Android) and Echo smart speakers. Pricing for the service is a bit cluttered due to the different plan options and Prime status of the customer so let’s break it down: 

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Google Assistant routines are rolling out in more languages in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, and the UK

Google Assistant's routines rolled out in March, then gained customization and scheduling a few months later, but in the time since, routines have always been an English (US) feature. If your Google Home or Assistant on your phone was set to any other language, or any other variant of English, you had to make do with the old My Day feature for a morning routine and not much more. In the past day, however, routines have started popping up left and right for users in several countries.

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Black Pixel 3 XL caught on camera in the wilds of Canada

Pixel 3 XL details have been leaking from Google like a sieve recently. Just earlier today, our Canadian friends at MobileSyrup were tipped off with a set of photos showing a phone which looks to be the Pixel 3 XL in all its exceptionally notched glory.  This is also the first time we've spotted one in the expected black colorway in use, as the previous engineering sample leaked back in June was unable to boot.

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YouTube Premium and Music launch today in 17 countries, including Canada and 11 European countries

Following their announcements in May, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music (and YouTube Music Premium) are going live today. YouTube Red and YouTube Music were previously only available in the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, but it's spreading to Canada and 11 European countries today as well. It's a big day for YouTube.

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Google Home Max makes its way to Canada, priced at $499 CAD

Google released the Home Max near the end of last year, but there's still only one country it's officially available in: the United States. That changes today, though; the Home Max is now being sold in the Great White North at a price of $499 CAD (~$389 USD).

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[Update x2: Extended to August 31] Get a $10 Google Play credit when you make five purchases with Google Pay in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Google recently rebranded Android Pay to Google Pay, and it's now running a promotion to increase use of the service. From now until May 14th, you can get a $10 Google Play credit if you make five purchases via Google Pay, with just a few caveats.

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[Update] You can now set up a Google Assistant payment method in six countries outside the US

Your Google Assistant settings have had a "Payments" section for quite some time where you can set up a payment method and address. This is used for both making purchases through Google Express merchants as well as sending payments to other users. However, both options are only available to users in the US. So if you tried to add a new payment method outside the US, you wouldn't be able to complete the setup. But that seems to have changed.

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Google Pay on Wear OS officially spreads to three new countries

When you're itching to try out a new feature on your favorite mobile device, there's little that sucks more than facing a geographical restriction; while your friends abroad are playing with the latest and greatest tech, you're stuck twiddling your thumbs and waiting until the powers that be decide to let you in on the action. Earlier today we noted that one of these restrictions appeared to be lessening, as some Huawei Watch 2 users who were shut out when an update disabled Google Pay (then Android Pay) outside the US and the UK started getting their access back—that was a clue, but not the whole story.

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The Lava Red OnePlus 5T is sold out for good in the US and Canada

Were you hoping to pick up a OnePlus 5T in the eye-catching Lava Red down the line? Well, if you're in the US or Canada, you won't be able to anymore - at least from OnePlus directly. The company has announced that the red 5T has officially sold out in North America.

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