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Jackery's enormous Power Station Explorer 1000 is $100 off ($900)

Jackery makes a number of huge power banks, but none huger than the Power Station Explorer 1000. The 22-pound unit packs 1,002 watt-hours of power, which is enough to run even the most demanding of camping spreads (or your essentials at home during a prolonged power outage). It's normally a cool thousand bucks, but an on-page coupon at Amazon knocks $100 off the price.

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Anker Powerhouse 200 review: A $350 USB-C battery pack the size of a lunchbox

There are an incredible number of choices when it comes to smaller capacity batteries, but the selection of big, camping-sized units thins out substantially especially if you want comparatively modern amenities like Type-C charging and output. Anker's new Powerhouse 200 fills a slightly smaller niche than its older Powerhouse 120,000, together with the addition of a more modern connector, but its $350 asking price is too much given the compatibility issues and feature set.

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[Deal Alert] Hey Outdoorsy Types - Pick Up A Portable 22W Solar Panel Dual Port Charger For $59.90 After $10 Off Code On Amazon

Ah, the great outdoors. With summer in full swing here in America, many of you are probably taking part in one of our nation's great pastimes, camping. Some of you may be purists who believe that camping is a great opportunity to leave the hectic world behind, including your phone, tablet, and other gadgets. The other 99 percent of you have a hard time deciding whether to bring two more bags of beef jerky or an extra 10,000 mAh battery in your backpack.

For those of you who like your camping with a side of tech, we have a good deal for you today.

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