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Camera shootout: Galaxy Note20 Ultra vs. Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra launched within a few weeks of each other, but they could not be more different Android phones. The Note20 Ultra is a humongous beast of a phone with all the latest and greatest hardware and an unsurprising $1,300 price tag. The Pixel 4a is smaller, less powerful, and only costs $350. And yet, Google's camera processing is so good that it can clobber phones that cost several times more. Is the Note20 Ultra one of them? Well, it depends on what you want out of a phone camera, but there is not a $1,000 gap in photo quality here.

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Weekend poll: What kind of rear cameras do you want in a phone?

Back in the day, most phones had only one or two rear cameras — "the day," of course, being just a few years ago and almost a millennium in smartphone terms. But the number has positively exploded over recent years with flagship devices getting telephoto, wide-angle, macro, and dedicated "portrait mode" cameras. With so many different and varied cameras available in phones now, which ones do you actually care about or want?

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Five changes we'd make to the Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is an incredible phone, and not just for the money. With an incredible camera, a new design that feels much more modern, and amazing battery life, Google really did knock it out of the park with its new budget Pixel. Seriously: this is a damn good phone. But we wouldn't be proper phone nerds if we didn't nitpick, and there are a few areas where we think Google could take the Pixel 4a from a 9.5 to a perfect 10 in our book. Here are five additional features we'd have loved to see in the Pixel 4a.

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OnePlus Nord will have ultra-wide and macro cameras

OnePlus has been slowly drip-feeding information about its upcoming Nord budget phone to build up hype, and even though the complete reveal is only a few days away on July 21st, we're still receiving bits of new information. A new forum post from the company shares details about the Nord's camera setup, including the exact configuration and Megapixel count.

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The best video doorbells for Android phones and smart displays

Doorbells are a necessary nuisance in our lives, but they're also among one of the best household features to go "smart" in years. Video doorbells have been around for ages, but cloud-connected smart video doorbells are pretty much a revelation if you've never experienced one. You'll know every time someone is at the door, be able to check for packages without getting up from your couch, and avoid pesky door-to-door solicitors (when we have those again). Arlo, Nest, and Ring all have compelling options, but there's one we think is the best choice for most people, especially if you're using an Android phone and a Google-powered smart display like the Nest Hub.

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Arlo announces $129 Essential Spotlight camera with 1080p video and color night vision

There are many, many options for home security cameras, but most of those require a power outlet. Arlo is one of the most prominent purveyors of battery-powered cameras, and it has a new one to talk about today. The Essential Spotlight borrows some features from Arlo's more expensive cameras, but it sticks with 1080p resolution. It'll cost just $129, and unlike most of Arlo's cameras, it doesn't require a dedicated wireless hub.

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Camera showdown: Does the OnePlus 8 Pro beat Pixel 4 and Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Increasingly, our phones are the only cameras we own, and their imaging capabilities have skyrocketed in the last few years. More cameras, more angles, more megapixels, more zoom: every manufacturer is racing to be the king of smartphone photography. But hardware isn't everything, and if there's one thing we've learned from years of OnePlus phones, it's that the company hasn't always been at the head of the pack when it comes to snaps. But OnePlus has made slow but steady progress, adding new hardware and software enhancements with each release. Its latest top-of-the-line is the OnePlus 8 Pro, which sports four camera sensors on the back.

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OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 8 Pro cameras compared: What's different?

Smartphone design is increasingly about cramming in as many cameras as possible—look at Samsung's S20 Ultra strategy. OnePlus got on the multi-camera bandwagon early, and it continues pushing the sensor count to this day. The OnePlus 8 Pro, for example, has four sensors on the back. What do they all do, and how do they compare to the OnePlus 8's measly three modules? We've got all the details.

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Google broke Quiet Time on the Nest Hello doorbell again (Update: Fixed)

The Nest Hello video doorbell is an excellent product—it's one of the few smart home products that have genuinely improved my life. As with anything that relies on server-side features, it doesn't always work perfectly. Google appears to have broken the doorbell's Quiet Time feature after doing the same thing just a month ago.

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Android 11 will let apps mute disruptive notifications while you're recording video

One of the worst things your phone can do when you're taking a photo or video is vibrate and ruin your shot or, even worse, blast a notification tone and ruin the entire moment. Well, long-suffering mobile photogs, take a deep breath: Android 11 will include APIs for camera apps to mute those alerting notifications while you're using them.

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