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Pixel 4 astrophotography mode and advanced exposure controls detailed in new leaks

As Google's October 15 hardware event draws nearer, it's seeming more and more likely there'll be no surprises left to reveal about the upcoming Pixel 4. 9to5Google has obtained promotional material detailing both the new Pixel's exciting astrophotography prowess as well as advanced manual exposure controls.

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OnePlus 7T camera sample gallery

If OnePlus phones have an Achilles heel, it's the camera. Although the company has made great strides, it still can't compare with the best of Google or Huawei, and that's still the case when it comes to the new 7T, though there are a couple of improvements and new features worth your consideration.

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Samsung once again gets caught using DSLR photo as Galaxy A8 sample [Updated]

Don't use images taken from vastly more capable photography equipment and try to pass them off as phone camera samples — it's a pretty simple rule, yet Samsung just can't seem to get the hang of it. Earlier this year, its Brazilian marketing department tried to fool potential Galaxy A8 buyers with stock photography in lieu of actual samples, and now it's happened again.

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Google made an artsy Instagram account to showcase Pixel camera samples

Google already has an Instagram account that shows off Pixel camera samples quite often (@madebygoogle), but apparently that wasn't enough. The company has created another account, @googlepixel, for a pretty eye-catching showcase of 100 Pixel camera samples that takes Instagram collages to the next level.

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Latest Pixel 3 XL leak includes camera samples, wireless charging confirmation, and more

It looks like an early shipment of Pixel 3 XL units "fell off a truck," and a Russian blog managed to snag one of the units. That means it's time for a new Pixel leak, and no more of this public transit spy shot stuff. Not only do we see the device and accessories in greater detail, there are sample images and confirmation of wireless charging as well.

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