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Video of Lenovo Z5S shows us what a camera-hole cutout will actually look like

The "camera hole" looks set to replace the more traditional notch in the future, but we still don't really know what the concept will actually end up looking like in person. At least, we didn't until today: Sparrow News seems to have gotten its hands on real-life (if slightly potato) photos and video of Lenovo's Z5S, which features such a circular cutout. And it looks pretty snazzy.

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The next evolution in smartphone design might be the 'camera island'

Smartphone manufacturers, now more than ever, are pushing for a bezel-less future. The infamous 'notch', as seen on countless phones this year, is unfortunately what we're stuck with for now. There are a few solutions for ditching the notch, like moving the camera to the bottom or adding a pop-up module. There might be another option - a 'camera island.'

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