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Adobe announces Photoshop Camera with 'AI-powered' filters

Adobe has announced a new app in Photoshop Camera. As its name implies, Camera leverages Adobe's image processing chops to apply effects to photos in real time, ostensibly circumventing the need to use the company's other software to add them after the fact.

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Big VSCO 4.0 Update With Even More Incomprehensible UI Now Rolling Out On Android

VSCO started as just a camera and photo editing app, but it's grown into a little hipster-y image sharing community. The company announced a visual redesign last week, and it has started rolling out slowly on Android. This update brings gestures to the interface, but not normal ones. No, these are bizarre and confusing gestures.

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Motorola Releases New Camera App In The Play Store, But Only For Its 2016 Devices

Motorola has long had the worst camera app of any mainstream OEM, which is a bummer as the 2015 Moto X Pure had a decent sensor finally. Now, Moto has posted a revamped camera app in the Play Store, but you probably can't use it yet. It's only for use with the company's 2016 devices like the Moto G4 and upcoming Moto X refresh.

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Lightroom v2.0 Available With Built-In Camera, New Tools, And More

Adobe opted to make Lightroom free a while back, and now it's adding a few new features that might make you more likely to take advantage of the app. Lightroom v2.0 includes some new tools and a dedicated camera with RAW support. The RAW support won't work on all phones, but it'll be pretty handy on the ones that do.

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Photos v1.10 Adds An Optional Floating Shortcut To Camera Apps For Some Users [APK Download]

The Photos app saw a small bump to v1.10 yesterday (and a tiny bug fix today), but it seems most people will be hard pressed to find much in the way of changes. However, there seems to be one interesting feature popping up for a very small number of users. If the right circumstances are met, users will have an option to create a tiny floating shortcut to the Photos app over the screen of their camera apps. Yeah, it sounds pretty weird, but it would be useful for apps that don't offer a shortcut of their own.

15 - 115 - 215 - 3

Thanks, Dominic Witte.

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Microsoft Releases Hyperlapse Beta For Android, An App To Capture High-Quality Time Lapses From Your Phone

Microsoft has released the first Android beta of Hyperlapse Mobile, the culmination of a couple of years research. The app captures video from your camera and outputs a smooth, sped-up time lapse, which is far more complicated than you might expect. It can also convert existing videos. Rather than simply give you an end product that is akin to watching your video on fast forward, Hyperlapse intelligently chooses frames that make it far easier to watch.

This makes the most sense for first-person videos, due in large part to the constantly shifting perspectives and camera shake common to that format.

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Camera FV-5 Becomes One Of The First Camera Apps In The Play Store With Support For Android 5.0's New APIs [Update]

There's been much talk about how Android 5.0 will finally do some good for mediocre Android cameras. The new camera APIs allow apps to get RAW images off the sensor and process them into JPEGs, but where are all the apps to take advantage of it? There's L Camera, which is still in testing on GitHub, but Camera FV-5 has become the first app in the Play Store to support the new Lollipop camera features.

2014-12-10 01.39.44

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