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Canary Flex is a weather-proof wire-free HD security cam with 4G LTE support

There is no shortage of WiFi-capable wireless security cameras on the market today. The Canary Flex is another entry, but with a few tricks that help it stand out from the crowd. First off, the design marks a strong resemblance to GlaDOS, and is available in white or black colors.

Inside the main unit is a 720p camera (actually 1080p, but downgraded for smoother streaming), a high-quality microphone, a 116° wide-angle lens, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. There is also a speaker for two-way communication, but that feature will come in a future software update.

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Saying Goodbye: After Five Years, I Bid Farewell To Android Police

Wow. What a journey this has been.

A little over five years ago, my first post — a [terrible] app review — was published on Android Police. The site was only a year old back then, and we were lucky to get 10 comments. That post had eight.

I still clearly remember the day that Artem asked me to come write for AP full-time — I was working a totally different type of job that I didn't like in the slightest, and I had done two app reviews for AP. I was at work when he messaged me on Hangouts (well, technically it was Google Talk back then) to tell me that the former full-time writer (yep, we only had one at the time) wasn't coming back, so he needed someone as a replacement.

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Camera Review – A Decent Point-And-Shoot That Doesn't Quite Live Up To Its Price Point

Samsung's Galaxy Camera, the manufacturer's first entry into the world of dedicated shooters powered by Android, was announced with little warning at IFA earlier this year. Besides Nikon's foray into the market, the Galaxy Camera is one of the only Android cameras we've yet seen. Frankly, of the two, Samsung's entry is the only one that seems worth looking at.

The question of how much longer point-and-shoot cameras can see success is a fair one – after all, DSLRs are becoming smaller and more affordable all the time, while smartphone cameras are reaching to fill the gap point-and-shoots would leave behind.

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What We Use: The Apps, Tools, Devices, And Other Stuff Cameron Can't Do Without

Last week, we gave you a glimpse into what David uses: his favorite gadgets, accessories, apps, and all the other tech junk that he doesn't go a day without. Now it's my turn. With this series, you'll see how different each member of the AP team is when it comes to how we use our gear, which is one of the best things about Android: it's versatile.

Since David's already done the legwork of explaining what "What we use" is all about, I'm just going to jump right in.

What am I carrying around?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What it's running: CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies with ClockworkMod Touch Recovery 

I love my Galaxy Nexus.

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Blurrycam Photos Surface Of Samsung GT-I9300, Probably Isn't The Phone You've Been Waiting For

I hate the vast majority of rumors. About the only time I give a them any real consideration is when they're coming from a source that's highly reliable and they strike me as reasonable. It's for this reason I've stayed clear of the relative boatload of Galaxy S III rumors that we've been hearing for about a week now - first a potential render leaked (though we didn't like the looks of it). Next, an alleged Samsung employee leaked a photo of the SGSIII, then we heard a rumor that the device may feature inductive charging, and finally, we debunked a "leaked image" of the phone yesterday.

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