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Samsung Health wants you to chill out with the help of new Calm mindfulness integration

Samsung has announced that it's integrating functionality from the (paid) mindfulness and wellbeing service Calm into the Samsung Health app starting today. The new integration brings over 100 guided meditations on a variety of subjects, a library of "Sleep Stories," exclusive music, and a new "Daily Calm" every day.

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Nicalis Releases NightSky HD To The Play Store For $5 After Its Humble Bundle Debut

Back during the Humble Bundle for Android #5 (not to be confused with the current Android-focused Humble Mobile Bundle), NightSky HD made its first appearance on the platform. Now, the Steam-native game is available on its own in the Play Store for $5.

nightsky1 nightsky2 nightsky3

The title brings its distinct visual style to the genre of physics puzzlers. In this game you control a dark orb as you attempt to navigate a silhouette world of platforms and pits. In what's becoming an increasing trend, NightSky offers a calming experience with soothing ambient music over the tense, over-stimulation of shooters and destruction-driven physics puzzlers.

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