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After Several-Month Absence, CallApp Makes Its Way Back To The Play Store With New Features In Tow

Back in May, Liam spent some hands-on time testing out a then-new app called CallApp. Dubbed as a sort of supercharged caller ID, CallApp gives detailed info about who's calling you (or who you're calling), by pulling information from various social networks and the web.

Soon after release, the app was voluntarily pulled from the Play Store. During the app's hiatus from official channels (it was still available through their official site), however, the devs were still working on it.

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[New App Review] Current Caller ID Brings Solid Caller ID With A Social Twist, If You're Into That Sort Of Thing

Android's selection of good incoming Caller ID apps is a bit meager. While a search of the Play Store yields many options, most of them are deficient in one important way or another (or, not free), or flat-out sketchy. One of the more popular ones was actually WhitePages Caller ID - which Current Caller ID replaces, as it's made by the same company.

What makes WhitePage's app special (and better than others), in part, is that it utilizes the company's rather extensive curated directory of phone numbers - over 300 million currently.

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[Updated x2] New App Review: CallApp Makes Your Dialer Useful Again - Say Hello To Telephony 2.0

Going above and beyond their promise to save "time and annoyance" when screening, placing, or receiving calls, CallApp recently released their namesake app (a TechCrunch Disrupt 2012 finalist) to Google's Play Store.

CallApp – in what may be the biggest understatement of the week – bills itself as a "super caller ID," increasing call productivity with a set of handy interactive tools and quick informational displays for everyone that calls (or initiates a call with) you.

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