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Pixel phones gaining ability to talk to 911 operators, even when you're not able to

We saw it hinted in an APK Teardown, now, Google has announced a new emergency calling feature for the Phone app that will come to a select number of Android devices, including Pixels. It will let users indicate if they need police, fire, or medical assistance without the need to physically say so. The company envisions this new feature to be essential in situations where the caller isn't able or might not want to talk.

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Pixel Call Screen comes to Canada as a beta

Announced along with the Pixel 3, Call Screen lets you screen phone calls before you answer them, using Google's Assistant AI to ask who the caller is and what they want. It's excellent for avoiding those pesky spam callers and interruptions from unknown numbers. Call Screen has been available on all generations of Pixels in the US for a couple of months, recently added volume controls to hear the caller and saved transcripts, and now the feature is launching in beta in Canada.

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Android Q lets you set default apps for call screening and emergency information


Call Screen is starting to hit some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones

The Pixel 3 launched with Call Screen, which allows Assistant to "answer" by asking who's calling and offering ways to respond to calls. At the event, Google promised that the feature would trickle down to the older Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in November. We're halfway through the month, and it looks like Call Screen is indeed starting to hit some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones.

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Call Screen will let Pixel users see who's calling and what they want before answering

Not everything got leaked before Google's event today. One surprise announcement that wowed was Call Screen, a new feature that lets the Google Assistant answer your incoming calls and politely ask what the caller wants. A real-time transcript will appear on your screen, allowing you to decide whether or not you want to pick up.

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Google Phone v22 prepares call screening with real-time transcriptions and on-phone voicemail recording [APK Teardown]

The Google Phone app is getting an update this afternoon for all of the phones out there that use it. We haven't noticed any new changes on the surface, but clues from a teardown show that Google is preparing a call screening feature so you can more easily differentiate between legitimate and unwanted callers. There are also preparations for a new feature to simplify recording voicemail greetings right on your phone.

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Google Voice updated to 5.2, adds new widgets and call screening [APK Download]

Today Google started rolling out another update to Google Voice, bringing things up to 5.2. The new version of the app brings widgets in three new sizes. It also provides a new setting in the app for the 7-year-old call screening feature. The feature has been around for a while, but you can now enable and disable it via the app. It seems the last few months were no fluke, and Google is committed to keeping Voice updated now that it's been redesigned out of the Holo era.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: The Default Dialer App Can Now Screen Incoming Calls

How many Android enthusiasts you know who actually enjoy talking on the phone? Yeah. Thought so. Google has figured this out, because not only does Android N make call blocking a system-level feature, this release also comes with call screening.

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