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Android 9 Pie puts an end to third-party call recording apps

Call recording is a bit of a thorny issue when it comes to privacy. There are also different rules in different places, making it hard for Google to implement a standard in Android without falling foul of the law in certain jurisdictions. Android's official call recording API was removed in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so third-party app developers have had to be creative since then. As of Android 9 Pie, it looks like Google has put a stop to it altogether.

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Skype makes v8.0 a required update, reveals roadmap including call recording, encrypted conversations, and group links


What once was broken now is fixed: call recording in Google Voice works again

Shortly after bringing it back from the dead, it would appear that Google may have inadvertently broken call recording for a short period. For the last two weeks there have been multiple different user reports of problems with recording calls in Google Voice. Thankfully, the issue appears to have been resolved and recording is now working as intended.

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CyanogenMod Adds Call Recording To Nightlies, But It Isn't Enabled By Default

Should you ever find yourself on the phone with Comcast and things start to go off the rails, wouldn't it be nice to just tap a button and start recording the call? Sure, but most call recording solutions are seriously janky. CyanogenMod might do a better job with its new call recording feature, but you'll have to enable it yourself, and it's not as simple as flipping a switch.


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