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Call of Duty: Mobile update adding controller support, zombie mode, and more

An official Call of Duty: Mobile account on Reddit has revealed that a significant update is coming to the game later today. It's slated to arrive at 21:00 PST, and this update will include controller support, a new zombie mode, and new maps. A new Battle Pass is also coming, but it won't arrive until November 25th. Back when I covered the release of Call of Duty: Mobile in October, I was delighted with the shooter, though the missing controller support was a sticking point. Thankfully Activision has been listening to its fans, so the announcement for today's update is indeed very welcome news.

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[Update: Removed] Don't fall for this scammy $32 'Call of Duty: Mobile' game listing on the Play Store

I'm not a gamer, but even I knew that Call of Duty coming to mobile is big news. Big enough to have people trying to find ways to play it even before it's officially released, and scammers using the opportunity to prey on those who aren't knowledgeable or perceptive enough. And today we have the first signs of the latter: a scam listing for Call of Duty: Mobile has surfaced on the Play Store and it costs a — hold your breath — whopping $32. Yeah... no.

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Activision Re-releases 'Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies' Under A New Play Store Listing, Past Purchases Be Damned

Merry Christmas everyone! This jolly message comes to you courtesy of your beloved Activision Publishing developer who has decided to grab a few bucks from your stockings because you've been a bad kid this year and you deserve to be punished for liking Zombie games and causing virtual mayhem.

For some reason, Activision has decided to re-release Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies under a new listing on the Play Store. The first-person shooter that puts you at the line of defense against hordes of zombies dates back to 2012 when Liam called it "interesting" in his review. It has been stagnating on the Play Store with no updates since December 2013 with plenty of reviewers complaining about compatibility, bugs, and overall sluggishness.

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[Deal Alert] Call Of Duty: Strike Team On Sale For $1.99 (From $6.99) To Celebrate 2015 Championship Competition And Heroes Update

The 2015 Call of Duty Championship will kick off tomorrow in downtown Los Angeles. Didn't know? That's fine. It's probably for the best.

Regardless, Activision has temporarily lowered the price of Call of Duty: Strike Team to drum up hype for the big, three-day event. You can currently get the game for $1.99, a significant drop from its usual $6.99.

The Android version of Strike Team is roughly a year and a half old by this point, but it's good Call of Duty action for folks who are into that sort of thing. This video will get you up to speed if you've never heard of the game before.

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Activision Tries Its Hand At Clash Of Clans Cloning With Call Of Duty: Heroes

Hey, Call of Duty fans: do you want to experience the fast-paced military shooter action, breathless multiplayer competition, and facepalm-worthy single-player campaigns of your favorite console franchise on your mobile device? Well too bad, here's Clash of Clans with some guns and tanks.

unnamed (3)

Call of Duty: Heroes is the standard base-building, tower defense/offense game that you've seen about a hundred times before, but this time it's got a thin veneer of the CoD franchise sprayed on top. The "Heroes" bit comes from the fact that some of the leading characters of the previous games in the franchise will show up to help boost your forces.

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Activision Releases Official Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Companion App

The latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise has landed today and Activision is ready with an Android app that will help you earn extra goodies. After all, you don't want to ever be completely disconnected from the game, right? That would just be crazy.

5 6 7 8

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[New App] Activision Releases Call Of Duty: Ghosts Companion App On Day One, But It's Suffering From Compatibility Issues

In case you haven't seen Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, the local news, or the latest rabble-rousing speech from your ineffectual Congressman, today is the yearly release of Activision's Call of Duty franchise. Kudos to the publisher: they've managed to get the Android companion app published on day one, so half the male college students in the country can spend today's lecture time customizing their multiplayer loadout.

unnamed unnamed (3) unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

If you've played a multiplayer shooter in the last few years, you know how this goes. The CoD: Ghosts companion app allows you to adjust your weapons and equipment outside of multiplayer matches and communicate with your clan members in a limited social network, as well as see each other's stats.

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Call Of Duty Elite App Updated To Support Black Ops 2, Just In Time For Your Gaming Bender

Did you hear that Call of Duty: Black Ops II came out yesterday? Really? How could you not? It was in all the papers blogs! Regardless, the game's companion app, Call of Duty ELITE, on Android has been updated to include support for the newest in the CoD series. It's also worth pointing out, after the newest release, Elite has had its premium mode excised in favor of a season pass model.

codelite1 codelite2 codelite3

The companion app allows you to keep track of gameplay statistics, modify your classes, and join or manage clans via Clan HQ. There is also the new addition of Call of Duty Elite TV.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Review – One More Zombie Shooter That Manages To Stay Interesting

There's no such thing as too many zombies, right? That seems to have been Glu Mobile's general idea when bringing Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies (or CODBOZ) to Android. The game, which itself is based on a spin-off of the original Call of Duty series, puts CoD players in familiar territory with a seemingly endless stream of zombies to eliminate in a game spanning not only multiple environments, but multiple gameplay modes as well.

Once the game dropped Sony exclusivity, I knew I had to give it a shot and see what made this first-person zombie destroyer different from the rest.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies No Longer Sony Exclusive, Slaughter The Undead On More Devices Than Ever

It seems like most deadlines in the wide world of apps tend to slip, but this time Glu Mobile was relatively true to its word. When CoD: Black Ops Zombies was released in early August, we were told that the Sony device exclusivity would last 30 days. Well, it's been just barely over that and the game has been opened up to more devices. If you've got zombie killing on the brain, this is for you.

1 2

3 4

CoD: Black Ops Zombies is adapted from the console game, and it even brings some of the more popular maps from that version along for the ride.

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