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Android N Feature Spotlight: Number Blocking Is Now System-Level, Will Persist Across Resets And Devices

In Android N, blocking numbers is becoming significantly more effective. That's because Google is making this a feature baked into the platform. Going forward, certain apps will be able to create a list of blocked numbers, and other ones will be able to view this information.

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The FCC Will Release Robocall And Information Weekly To Help You Block Scammers And Telemarketers

Hey you, the guy with the New Jersey accent who keeps offering me a small business loan: I hate you. I hate you with a passion that eclipses any love or loathing that I have felt for anything in the mortal world. I hate you and your army of randomly-dialing robots, I hate you and your legions of foreign switchboard operators trying to sucker Americans into possibly illegal and/or phony loans. The multiple times that I've actually gone through your rigamarole claiming to be Archibald Buttz, the owner of a talking dildo emporium called "Buzzwords," has not kept you from calling me on my private cell phone several times a week.

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