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Google Calendar app finally lets you move events between calendars

The Google Calendar Android app has always lagged behind its counterpart on the web, though it did catch up a bit last year when Google introduced event copying and duplicating to the application. It's still never been possible to outright pass events from one calendar to another, making appointment organization on mobile a chore – until now. Google is flipping a server-side switch for some people that finally lets them simply move an event.

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Android Messages can now send calendar files, in case you ever want to do that

I don't think anyone anywhere has ever said the phrase, "Let me text you that calendar file." Perhaps it was commonplace practice before the era of Google Calendar and other cloud-synced tools, but it's hard to see a case for texting calendars in 2018. Still, someone at Google must have thought that functionality would be useful, because it just arrived in Android Messages.

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[Update: RIP for real] Sunrise Calendar lives to see another day as Microsoft postpones shutdown

The popular calendar app Sunrise was supposed to shut down permanently yesterday, but that didn't happen. Microsoft now says it has decided to hold off on killing Sunrise while it works to integrate more Sunrise features into the Outlook app. That doesn't mean Sunrise is alive and well, but it's not dead at least.

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Candl Apps follows up popular 'Month' calendar widget with an agenda version

Life is busy, what with all those social and family obligations. You could just give up and run away to live on an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, or more likely just try to keep better track of all the stuff you have going on with a widget. Month was a very popular suite of calendar widgets, and now the developer has released Agenda. You can probably guess what it is from the name.

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