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Sunrise Calendar Adds Support For Wunderlist, See Scheduled Tasks Along With The Rest Of Your Agenda

From now on, you can add Wunderlist to the myriad services available for integration in Sunrise Calendar. Any tasks that have a date associated with them will appear alongside any other all-day events in your calendar. This is in line with Sunrise's philosophy that they "always pair what you need to do with a time when you’ll be doing it."

Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-04-11 Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-04-29 Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-05-24

Once you have connected Wunderlist, it will work just as described.

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Google Acquires iOS App 'Timeful,' Plans To Bake Its Intelligent Scheduling Into Calendar And Inbox

Timeful produces an iOS app of the same name that takes your calendar or to-do list and makes it smarter. The service suggests events to go along with those you create manually. I see you have a meeting at 12. How about spending the hour before working on your presentation? That sort of thing.

In a post to the official Gmail blog today, Google announced that it has acquired Timeful. Going forward, the team will now spend its time working on Google apps.

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Android Wear App v1.1 Rolls Out With An Updated Look, Multiple Watch Support, Cloud Sync Over Wi-Fi, And Calendars From Any Account [APK Download]

Google let the cat out of the bag yesterday with a blog post detailing just what we should expect in the next major version to Android Wear. An upcoming software update will be adding Wi-Fi support, always-on apps, and a few other interesting options. While we wait for new firmwares to hit our wrist-bound hardware, the Android Wear app just received its own update to prepare for the new features. This isn't just a small maintenance release to add configuration screens, there are some major visual and organizational improvements, and a few new features.

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HTC Releases Calendar And Print Studio Apps Into The Play Store

HTC has uploaded two apps onto Google Play intended to facilitate future updates. One of the two will look familiar to people who have owned some of the company's previous phones. The other is something new. Both are presumably only compatible with the M9 for now, as they're not playing along with the M7s and M8s that we have lying around.

HTC Calendar

HTC Calendar is the former. It doesn't look all that different from prior versions.

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Google Calendar 5.1 Hotfix Update Fixes The 'Unable To Launch Event' Error When Downloading APKs And Other Files [APK Download]

When Google updated Calendar to version 5.1 last week, it introduced a bug that hit users with an "unable to launch event" message whenever they tried to launch an APK downloaded using Chrome or the stock Android browser. Now the company has pushed out a hotfix update intended to do away with the problem.


This bug prevented some users from launching the apps they downloaded in our APK download posts, but we were able to get around this issue by rolling out a server tweak for APK Mirror.

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Today Calendar Makes Pirate Users 'Walk The Plank' With Random Calendar Events

Piracy is a problem on any platform where installing software is easy, and that certainly includes Android. In a particularly egregious example, the developer of Today Calendar estimates that 85% of the users of the $5.99 premium version of his app have stolen it. What's a responsible Android developer to do? In this case, he's using a creative method to try and annoy illegal users into becoming paid customers.

Pirates who use Today Calendar will now be seeing some of what Jack Underwood describes as "Arrgh - Anti-Pirate Measures."

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Microsoft Releases Outlook Preview For Android

In the dead of night (for those in the US, anyway), Microsoft has released its Outlook Preview app to the Play Store.

Built for Android phones and tablets alike, Microsoft promises that Outlook will help you "get more done from anywhere," handling all your email accounts and attempting to automatically triage your inbox based on what seems most relevant.


For manual triage, the app offers swipe gestures for quickly deleting, archiving, or "scheduling" messages (essentially like snoozing in Google's Inbox).

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Google Calendar 5.0 Is Ready For Your 4.0.3+ Devices [APK Download]

Yes, you read that right. We took an early look at it a couple of weeks ago, then Google formally announced its existence, and now Google Calendar 5.0 is here and ready for download, working on devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.

Screenshot_2014-11-04-14-33-42 Screenshot_2014-11-04-14-33-48 Screenshot_2014-11-04-14-33-53

The app itself is exactly what you'd expect having seen our previous coverage - a super smart "schedule" layout at the front, with supporting day and 5-day views on phones, with a month and week view appearing on tablets.

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Google's Calendar Refresh Offers A Sparse Interface And Smart Imagery

Next up on our tour of (yet unreleased) Google app redesigns is Google Calendar. We actually got a glimpse of this redesign way back in April when originally leaked the app as it was then. Since then, it seems that not a ton has changed, but we can get a more complete look at the app as it stands now.

Google wants its calendar app to be all about smartness.

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Sunrise Calendar 1.3 Brings Push For Google Calendar, Integrated Support For Todoist And Trello

There is no shortage of calendar apps for Android, each of which is looking for a way to set itself apart from the crowd. Lately I've settled in with Sunrise Calendar as my go-to, as it's just easy to use and provides all the features I want in a calendar. And it just got a little bit better.

As of version 1.3, it now syncs immediately with Google Calendar. When changes are made in any of the apps, on the web, or in the Chrome app, then it happens across all devices in real-time.

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