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Android Auto is finally bringing back access to calendar appointments

When you're running late to an appointment, or even just driving around town with several stops planned, the last thing you should do is reach for your phone to look up an address. When Android Auto was announced, this seemed to be the type of problem Google was trying to solve. An imperfect solution existed through Google Assistant, but it was removed without a good alternative to replace it. But things are looking up because Google is launching a calendar on Android Auto that gives you quick and easy access to your itinerary.

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Google Calendar web gets improved event creation and printout enhancements

Even though many Google desktop web apps are already pretty capable and easy to use, there are always things that can be improved, and as such, Calendar on the web has received an update. It's now possible to add more details in the pop-up event creation dialog, and you can finally create fully colored printouts, in case you still like to see your agenda in a physical form.

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The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Calendar on Android

While you may have already checked out our list free and open source Gmail alternatives, you may not even be aware free and open source alternatives to the likes of Google Calendar are out there. If you want to keep your schedule private — or simply don't want anything to do with Google — there are some totally decent options available for Android that you should check out. Here are some of our favorites.

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Google adds more accurate visualizations for shorter meetings in Calendar

Keeping track of everything going on these days can get hectic. Luckily, there are apps like Google Calendar that help to manage busy schedules. Google is now updating the way shorter events are displayed on the calendar to make them more accurately reflect the correct length.

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Xiaomi publishes its Calendar app on the Play Store (APK Download)

One of my favorite things about how Android handles apps is the streamlined process of updating them through the Play Store. Rather than waiting for a full system update just to fix a small bug in an app, phone-makers can push fixes through the Play Store as soon as the software is ready. Following its file browser, launcher, and many other apps, Xiaomi's Calendar is now available on the Store as well.

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You may soon be able to call 'out of office' on the Google Calendar app

We all need to put up the "out of office" flag every once in a while for an urgent event or some off-time. Those who've been on a G Suite team for the past couple of years could actually schedule OOO blocks on the web version of Google Calendar. Now, we've just gotten a look at how the feature may translate on mobile if and when it ever rolls out widely.

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Gmail will let you propose new meeting times and add notes to calendar invites

Google introduced an option to propose new meeting times in Calendar last year that helps you reschedule when you can't make it. Since the feature is somewhat hidden (you need to click an event in Calendar to make it show up), the company has decided to make it accessible via invites in Gmail, while also introducing a deep link for note taking.

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Google Calendar app finally lets you move events between calendars

The Google Calendar Android app has always lagged behind its counterpart on the web, though it did catch up a bit last year when Google introduced event copying and duplicating to the application. It's still never been possible to outright pass events from one calendar to another, making appointment organization on mobile a chore – until now. Google is flipping a server-side switch for some people that finally lets them simply move an event.

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[Update: Fixed] Chrome 77 broke printing for Google Calendar, but there's a workaround


Google says it’s working to remove annoying spam from Calendar

In June, we discovered that spammers and scammers found a new way to distribute their unwarranted information via Google Calendar by exploiting a default setting in Gmail which automatically invites email recipients to events. Now, Google is finally ready to step in. The company today announced that it's working on resolving the issue, but isn't ready to share any details just yet.

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