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Google: New Android TV users doubled over the past year

It's a little bit tough to see the big picture when we're stuck looking at the news that interests us as consumers, but Android TV has made large strides away from our observing gaze. In less than a year, ever since hardware from the Android TV Operator Tier started coming to the market, many Pay TV providers around the world have switched their boxes to run Google's software. The result: new Android TV users have doubled in the last year.

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This is a list of existing and upcoming Android TV cable provider boxes

When Arris announced last week that it would start making set-top boxes for cable providers running Android TV, one reader brought our attention to the fact that this wasn't a rare occurrence. We already knew about Airtel and Dish, but there are many more cable boxes running Android TV around the world that we didn't know about but luckily, there's one site that lists them all.

This isn't an official source — Google's Android TV site barely lists a couple of TVs and boxes — but it's compiled by a user (who seems to be a fellow Lebanese, hi!)

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