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[Update: Wider rollout] Google Maps keeps you safe by alerting you if your taxi goes off-route

When you're traveling to a new country, region, or even an unfamiliar part of your own town, and hailing a ride, you may be suspicious of the driver taking advantage of your cluelessness to charge you more or for more nefarious reasons. That's why I often keep a tab on the drive in Google Maps when riding a cab while traveling, but I have to repeatedly glance at my phone to notice any awkward routing. Maps recognizes this use case and is now offering to do the work in the background and notify you when your driver goes off the logical path.

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Uber attempts to improve its drivers' lives by overhauling the route navigation experience

While most of us think of Uber from a passenger's point of view and using the service to get somewhere, there is another side to that coin. Drivers are, obviously, quite fundamental to the success of ride-sharing services, so it's great when changes are made to make their jobs easier. Today brings a "new navigation experience" for Uber drivers, and there are quite a few things to note.

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Uber Drops uberX Rates By Up To 34% In 16 Cities Across The US, Hopes You Will Forgive It For Surge Pricing

Uber has bothered some users by price surging during times of the year when people may be most in need of a ride, but now it's doing its part to roll numbers in the opposite direction. The company has just lowered the rates for its uberX rides by up to 34%. The percentage depends on which city you're in, with 16 of the 24 serviced cities seeing a price drop of at least around 10%.


Uber's uberX rides were already its most affordable vehicle option, but it's definitely not bad to see them dropped lower, especially considering that you may already be saving time and energy by using their mobile app to hail a ride in the first place.

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[New App] VeriFone Launches Way2Ride, A Cab Hailing Service To Compete In New York's Increasingly Crowded Market

Getting around New York City can be a bit of a chore, but there are a growing number of options out there. Today VeriFone has launched Way2Ride, a mobile app that makes it easier for New Yorkers to hail a cab and pay the fare using just their phone. Yes, it's jumping into an area that Uber has honed over the years and others are seeking to dominate, but there's a chance there are lower rates to be found here.

Way2Ride1 Way2Ride2 Way2Ride3

Way2Ride4 Way2Ride5

Way2Ride allows users to hail a cab using their phone, but those who snag one the old fashioned way can still turn to the app as a means of payment, rather than having to fumble for the credit card in their wallet.

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Uber Update Introduces Fare Splitting, Lets You Share Trip Cost With Multiple Friends

Uber, the mobile service for hailing a cab directly from your smartphone, rolled out a new feature today that lets friends share the cost of a trip with friends. Users can now simply request a ride, select the Split Fare option, and choose a friend to split the fee with. Assuming the person wants to remain friends afterwards, all they have to do is tap the link that they received in a text message from Uber. New users will be prompted to create an account, whereas existing users will be sent directly to the app to confirm the transaction. Users can also split the cost with more than one friend, which is a nice way to bring the rates down.

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