We know Sony likes big phones - the Z5 Premium or the absurd (but kinda cool) Z Ultra range laying testimony to this. Well, now it looks like it has another massive phone under its belt - the C6. This phone is the follow-up to the C5 Ultra, another 6-inch device released in August 2015; it's immediately obvious that the design of the C6 is similar to the C5.

Xperia-C6_4 Xperia-C6_2 Xperia-C6_3

According to Xperiablog, the C6 will have a 6-inch screen and a front-facing flash, both of which are definitely unusual for today's smartphones. To add to this, the device will have minimal side bezels and, like the C5 Ultra, a MediaTek chip, meaning it might be aimed at Sony's home country of Japan, or maybe a wider Asian release.

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