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YouTube will soon tell you that the world isn't flat, vaccines work, and other obvious truths

According to BuzzFeed, YouTube is testing out a new feature which shows fact-check warnings when searching for content known to spread misinformation. The feature is currently live for some users in India and shows "information panels" on search results (not videos themselves) which provide disclaimers acquired from YouTube's fact-checking partners.

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Google reportedly working on non-algorithmic YouTube Kids app

If you're not familiar with it, YouTube Kids is a mobile and TV app designed to only show child-appropriate content. However, YouTube Kids filters content using algorithms, so inappropriate content sometimes slips through. Conspiracy theories, suggestive videos depicting superhero/Disney characters, and other harmful content has been known to appear on the app.

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Twitter debuts livestream feature for breaking news

Twitter users in the United States may have noticed something new yesterday: next to the timeline, a small window displayed a livestream of Miami news station WSVN 7's coverage of the active shooter situation then unfolding at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The stream was the debut of a Twitter initiative to show live coverage of breaking news events.

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Google and Buzzfeed partner up to add a sticker pack to Allo, just in time for Thanksgiving

Scrolling through Buzzfeed articles is possibly the most mindless thing to do on the web - apart from aimlessly browsing Wikipedia - so it makes sense companies want to capitalize on the site's reputation. Google has done just that, adding a number of Buzzfeed stickers into Allo, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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You'll Never Believe What Buzzfeed Just Published In The Play Store (It's A News App)

Buzzfeed gets something of a bad rap among some of the more conventional news outlets on the Internet. One that it entirely deserves, by the way - you'd be hard-pressed to find a more wretched hive of low-thought content and ill-advised "viral" posts outside of... actually, there's nowhere else. But Buzzfeed's news portal is, if not exactly stellar, then not entirely worthy of derision either - they managed to interview President Obama that one time. Buzzfeed's third published Android app is specifically for the news portion of the site.

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BF News is a typical news app, but it's a bit Spartan at the moment.

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