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Some are experiencing a rattling or buzzing problem with the Pixel 2 XL's speakers

Google's Pixel 2 XL might be a great phone, but it hasn't been without controversy. Now we can add one more issue to the growing list. For many, one or both of the phone's front-facing speakers suffer from distortion/rattling. In some cases, the problem only seems to crop up at louder volumes, but for others (including us here at AP) it occurs even at lower volumes such as during phone calls.

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PayPal Hopes To One-Up Google Wallet, Offers Smartphone-To-Smartphone Transfers Using NFC

It's been a while since the Nexus S hit the Android scene, bringing two noteworthy new features with it: Gingerbread and NFC. While the former has seen relatively wide adoption, the latter hasn't gotten much action as of yet - the closest we've come to witnessing a useful example of the technology is Google Wallet, and we have yet to find out when that will be available for public consumption.

But it appears El Goog will be far from alone in its NFC ventures, as PayPal today unveiled an NFC-enabled Android widget which will allow Nexus S users to exchange payments by simply tapping their phones together.

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BuzzVoice Receives Update, Gets New Features, Goes Free

Remember BuzzVoice? No, we don't have another giveaway up our sleeves, but we don't need one: the service has just received an update that, among other things, has made the app completely free!

That's right - you can now have your favorite tech blogs (Android Police, anyone?) read out loud to you for no cost whatsoever! What's more, MediaQuake (the BuzzVoice developer) has decided to include three new features in the update, namely:

  • Background audio streaming for iPhone - nothing of interest to us Android users, but hey - Apple fans deserve some multitasking love too, right?
  • The ability to control BuzzVoice with your earphone button - again, nothing of interest to us Android users, especially since those nice earbuds that ship with pause, skip, and rewind buttons are all "Made for iPhone"
  • The ability to add your own RSS feeds - finally something we Android fans can enjoy too; the functionality should be self-explanatory

You can download the app completely free of charge by clicking or scanning the barcode below:

QR code for

Source: Buzz Voice Blog

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