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SiriusXM plans to acquire Pandora for $3.5 billion

Pandora has largely been overshadowed by Spotify in the world of music streaming, but it's still alive and kicking. Back in August, Pandora Premium support was finally added to Google Assistant, and T-Mobile began giving customers a year of Pandora Plus. Now the company has been acquired in an all-stock transaction by SiriusXM, valued at approximately $3.5 billion.

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Intel reportedly looking to buy Broadcom, which is trying to take over Qualcomm

Despite being de facto leader of processors for desktops and laptops, Intel never made a large impression in the smartphone SoC market. The company spent around $10 billion attempting to compete with Qualcomm and other companies, but ultimately gave up in 2016. According to The Wall Street Journal, Intel is reportedly looking into purchasing Broadcom, assuming Broadcom's hostile takeover of Qualcomm works out.

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Apple confirms it is buying Shazam

Last week, a report from TechCrunch claimed that Apple was about to buy Shazam for an unknown amount. For the unacquainted, Shazam is a music-detection app, but the company behind it has been looking into AR and other technologies Apple could be interested in. The buyout has now been confirmed by Apple in a public announcement.

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Shazam reportedly about to be purchased by Apple

Shazam was one of the first third-party applications available on the iPhone, as it launched in 2008 alongside the iOS App Store. Later that year, it arrived on Android, and it has continued to maintain a strong userbase. According to a report from TechCrunch, Apple could be looking to buy Shazam as soon as Monday.

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JRummy Apps, maker of various root tools, has been purchased by Maple Media

Those of you who like to root and mod your phones have probably heard of JRummy Apps. Probably best known for its Root Browser and ROM Toolbox apps, JRummy has been a staple of the Android enthusiast community for many years now. It's now been purchased by a company that specializes in app acquisitions called Maple Media.

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Verizon out-bids AT&T for Straight Path Communications, will pay $3.1 billion for more 5G spectrum

United States carriers are spending big bucks to acquire more wireless spectrum, especially with 5G on the horizon. T-Mobile recently won a bidding war for a large chunk of the 600Mhz spectrum, and AT&T was preparing to buy Straight Path Commutations last month. However, it turns out that Verizon will be buying Straight Path instead, after winning a bidding war against AT&T.

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LeEco announces exciting plan to not buy Vizio after all, everything is fine, nothing to see here

According to The Verge, LeEco has just announced that it no longer intends to buy US television maker Vizio.

LeEco announced its plans to buy Vizio last July for $2 billion. It's not the first stumble for the company - they're in the midst of major fundraising efforts after an apparent cash crunch caused by over-expansion. It's now rumored the company is looking to sell some of its Silicon Valley property holdings, as well.

LeEco cited "regulatory headwinds" as the reason for calling off the merger. It could also have been a little bit, maybe, that it just seemed like a bad idea and honestly made no sense from a product strategy perspective.

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Opera Gets A $1.2 Billion Buying Offer From Chinese Consortium Made Of Kunlun And Qihoo 360

Opera Software has been synonymous with fast browsers and data compression for years now. But despite improving its applications and releasing new ones like Opera Max, the company has been struggling financially and looking for a buyer since 2015. It seems that the search is about to be over as a Chinese Consortium has offered to buy Opera for $1.2 Billion.

The Consortium is made of Beijing Kunlun Tech (a mobile gaming focused company that acquired Grinder last month) and Qihoo 360 (China's number one internet and mobile security product provider - yes, that means antivirus), and backed by investment funds Golden Brick and Yonglian.

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PasswordBox Will Shut Down In 2016, Customers Offered A Discount On Intel's True Key

When big companies buy small companies, there's always a chance that the smaller company will more or less disappear, along with its products. Some good examples in the mobile space would be HP's acquisition of Palm or Microsoft's similar purchase of Nokia. Not all tech companies do this - Amazon and Facebook seem to be pretty hands-off with their acquisitions - but Intel certainly does. Less than a year after Intel acquired the company that makes popular password manager PasswordBox, the company announced via its blog that the product will be abandoned sometime in 2016.


The PasswordBox team is already working on Intel's similar service, True Key, and they'll be transitioning both team members and software features over to the Intel side.

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Nokia Plans To Merge With Alcatel-Lucent For An All-Shares Deal Of 15.6 Billion Euros, While Hinting At A HERE Maps Sale

Shortly after confirming the rumors of its talks with Alcatel-Lucent yesterday, Nokia has announced today that it does indeed intend to buy the French firm. The deal would combine both European companies' assets under the Nokia Corporation name, with headquarters in Helsinki and a strong presence in France. No cash transactions would be involved, instead the acquisition is a public exchange offer whereby 0.55 Nokia shares are offered for every Alcatel-Lucent share. The valued total amounts to 15,6 Billion Euros.

The merger has been approved by both companies' boards of directors and should be closed by 2016 if it gets the regulatory go-ahead. Once done, current Alcatel-Lucent shareholders would own 33.5% of the combined company and Nokia shareholders the remaining 66.5%.

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