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When does it make sense to buy last year's smartphone?

Smartphone prices have been getting ridiculous. Granted, they've been high for the better part of forever, and to an extent, with good reason — these devices exist at the intersection between advanced performance and miniaturization that's always going to be expensive. But while we all got used to the idea of spending several hundred dollars on a new handset, we're starting to get into the era of the $1000 smartphone, and that's at least a psychological barrier that can be tough to work through. Is there any good way to still buy a nice smartphone without spending all your rent money?

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Most Wanted: The best tablets and Chromebooks you can buy (2017)

An updated version of this guide is available here.

The giving season is almost upon us, and if you didn't get your holiday shopping done during the sales running from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, then you might want to start now. Thankfully, if someone on your list is interested in a big-screen device for running apps, we're here to help. Here's a nice simple list of our favorite Chromebooks and tablets for your consideration.

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