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Google Assistant buttons may come to more Chromebooks and accessories soon

Google Assistant is everywhere from phones to laptops, headphones to TVs, and even future gaming controllers. Chrome OS brought the assistant right to the operating system, though the feature is still considered "experimental." It could soon be easier to use, though, as the company's working to enable push-button access from keyboards and other accessories.

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Samsung might ditch physical buttons for the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung has stood firm against the trend of removing headphone jacks from smartphones, but it might be on the verge of ditching some other important pieces of its next flagship device. Rumors point to the Galaxy Note 10 as one of Samsung's first buttonless phones with no physical volume or power buttons. One potential upside: no Bixby button, either.

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Latest Instagram tests swap DM and profile tab positions, add quick emoji access to comments

Google is the king of server-side tests, but it's by no means the only company that does them. Instagram also uses them fairly often, and this time around, it's trying something that may make some people a bit annoyed. It's experimenting with swapping the profile and DM icons, as well as putting a row of emoji in the comments section for quick access.

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Facebook is testing new buttons and an option to cache some videos for offline viewing

We're back again with some more changes/tests in the Facebook app spotted by you sharp-eyed readers. The more obvious of the two is a redesign of the Like, Comment, and Share buttons, but we also have some users who are seeing an option in the App Settings to cache some videos for offline viewing. Good stuff.

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Will the iPhone 7's capacitive home button finally mean the death of the Galaxy's physical one?

An iPhone 7 take that isn't about the headphone jack? Surprising! But yesterday's Apple announcement contained one piece of information that left me really wondering about the future of the world's most popular brand of Android smartphones. The iPhone 7 has officially ditched the physical home button - and I'd argue that decision makes complete sense. Failed home buttons have been a hallmark of iPhone ownership even from the early days, and relying on an oddly primitive, analog mechanical key as the access point to a device that will likely be used hundreds of times a day by the average owner doesn't really make sense in 2016.

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On-Screen Navigation Buttons And Failed Expectations: A Visual Analysis

Honeycomb, the first Android version designed specifically with tablets in mind, was released way back in February 2011. It was built exclusively for large screens and was never meant to reach phones, but it paved the way for Ice Cream Sandwich, arguably one of the most significant updates to ever hit Android. Taking several cues from Honeycomb, Android 4.0 brought about some of the biggest changes to the OS, not the least of which was the advent of virtual or on-screen navigation buttons.

At the time, the use of virtual buttons on phones polarized opinions: some hated the idea while others were quick to sing its praises.

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Mysterious 'Play Daily' And 'Dogfood Apps' Buttons Show Up In The Play Store, Likely By Mistake

Something interesting is happening on the Play Store this evening. Users are reporting mysterious "Play Daily" and "Dogfood Apps" buttons appearing on the store's home and apps pages, respectively.

The Play Daily button - at the time of writing - leads to an error page (the app gets a 500 error trying to reach, while the "Dogfood Apps" button leads somewhat predictably to a special apps collection called "Google Apps for Googlers." Inside the collection is, well, a bunch of Google apps including apps from Google Samples like Pie Noon and VoltAir. Worth noting is that the Play Store is not dispensing actual dogfood apps from this collection, just the normal variants that are always exposed to the public.

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Google+ 4.8 Update Moves A Few Buttons Around And Tweaks Their Colors [APK Download]

Is Google+ 4.8 a big deal? Not unless you're really into seeing a few buttons get moved around. But since these changes do impact how people use the app, we're going to detail them nonetheless. Here goes.

What's New

When you're ready to make a post, the send button has moved from the bottom right corner to the top right corner of the window. Essentially, it has swapped places with the menu button. Here's a before and after shot.

g1 g2

Left: Old version, Right: New version. These shots were taken on different devices. I also turned into an Archon.

The pluses, share, and comments buttons that appear at the bottom of posts have turned from black to gray.

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[Rumor] Stills Of Supposed LG Optimus G2 'Learning From You' Video Leak Out, Show Off Back-Mounted Volume Control

The Optimus G2, which we've been waiting for, has been subject to rumor after rumor. A few days ago, we finally heard something official that probably tells us the G2 will have a Snapdragon 800 processor (LG and Qualcomm stopped just short of explicitly naming the device), but tonight we've got something a little more fun.

Infamous leaker @EVLeaks has just dropped a series of still images that look to be from a video subtitled "Learning from you." They show the G2 and its rumored back-mounted controls. Until this point, the existence or functionality of the rumored rear controls have gone without concrete evidence, but it looks like the G2 may have rear-facing volume controls, along with a third button that's likely an on/off switch.

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Top Android Apps Every Rooted User Should Know About, Part 8: Apps 58-65

There are plenty of apps in Google Play these days, but a relatively small proportion are designed to unlock the power of a rooted device. Since it can be easy for these powerful apps to get obscured by the crush of retro, free-to-play, side-scrolling platformer games, we like to aggregate the best root-only apps on occasion. Whether you want to free up some screen real estate, change icons around, or manage your backups, the apps you need are right here.

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