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Runtastic Butt Trainer, Leg Workout, And Six Pack Add Chromecast Support

Exercise apps are a really good target for the Chromecast. If you're trying to follow the exact steps of a workout and you don't know the body position and movements, you don't want to check your small phone's screen and keep fiddling with its angle and trying to turn it on each time the display timeout kicks off, while also struggling to maintain a Crab Bridge. Instead, you'd much rather it was streamed to your big TV and you could follow along and see it no matter what weird angle your head is at.

That's why it's cool to see Runtastic's suite of dedicated workout apps add Chromecast support.

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Runtastic Wants To Whip That Ass Into Shape With Its Newest App, Butt Trainer

Runtastic has all sorts of apps (many of which have absolutely nothing to do with running) – everything from cycling, to heart rate monitoring, to abs, and so much more. Its newest app, however, really wants to help users get their ass in shape... literally. It's called Butt Trainer, and well, the name speaks for itself. (For the record, I suggested "RuntASStic," but they didn't go for it.)

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If you've used any of Runtastic's other training apps – like Six Pack Abs, for example – then you're already familiar with how Butt Trainer works. It's loaded with easy-to-follow asscercises, all of which are led by a virtual trainer that shows how to execute each move correctly.

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