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Comcast acquires automation platform Stringify

When it comes to online automation platforms, IFTTT is the name most people know and trust. It's a little limited, though. We've covered Stringify a few times, citing it as a more powerful alternative that can plug into IFTTT. The company apparently caught the eye of Comcast recently, which just had to have it. So, Comcast owns Stringify now.

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Google confirms it will pay $1.1 billion to acquire HTC's Pixel team and license technology

The rumor mill was working overtime over the last few weeks as everyone speculated what a Google acquisition of HTC would look like. Would it be a Motorola situation? Maybe more like Microsoft acquiring Nokia? In the end, it's nothing so extreme as an acquisition. Google and HTC have come to an agreement wherein Google essentially carves out the Pixel business from HTC, leaving the rest to continue making smartphones.

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Google acquisition of HTC could be announced tomorrow as trading halted in Taiwan

Rumors began to percolate early this month that Google and HTC were on the verge of agreeing to a deal that would let Google take over the struggling smartphone maker. Now that rumor is sounding all but inevitable as HTC has halted trading of its shares on the Taiwan Stock Exchange pending a major announcement. However, the acquisition may not be as complete as the Moto deal in 2011.

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T-Mobile and Sprint are apparently still in merger talks

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has been rumored for years at this point, and a new report from CNBC claims there two are indeed still at it. An announcement may be a few weeks out, or it may not happen at all, but CNBC reports that the current framework would see T-Mobile and its parent company Deutsche Telekom emerge as the majority owner of the combined carrier.

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Target stores are switching from iOS to Android sales floor devices

If you've spent any amount of time in one of Target's 1,800 US stores, it's likely you've seen an employee using a dressed-up iPod Touch to look up stock info. It's been that way since 2014, but the retailer is now switching to Android for all its essential sales floor activities. These aren't any devices you've ever seen, though. Target is using an enterprise-oriented Zebra TC51.

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LeEco takes its US site offline for a week, which is a totally normal thing for a company to do

Chinese tech firm LeEco exploded into the US market last year with a number of compelling deals on powerful smartphones. But things haven't gone as planned for the company. As its operation back in China faltered, the future of its US expansion has become unclear. It's more unclear than ever now that the LeEco US website is gone. According to the message left in place of the website, the company is busy "upgrading the system."

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Google reportedly close to acquiring HTC's smartphone business

HTC produced the very first Android phone in 2008, and it went on to become one of the most prominent makers of Android devices as the platform grew. However, it's been years since the Taiwanese company had a hit. As financial losses continue to mount, there are new rumors that Google is nearing a deal to acquire HTC's smartphone division.

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Business owners can now manage their listings via a dashboard right in Google Search

When I'm looking for information on a local store (and I'm sure many of you guys do the same), I head straight to Google Search. It usually has the correct address, phone number, operating hours, accurate reviews, etc. But Google isn't perfect, and sometimes there'll be some incorrect info listed. To alleviate this, our favorite Mountain View-based company has just introduced a dashboard for business owners right in Google Search.

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Verified WhatsApp business accounts are now official

To US readers, WhatsApp may not seem like much of a big deal. Things are different elsewhere, however, and with more than 1 billion daily active users it's easy to understand why Facebook paid so much money to acquire the messaging service. After a number of rumors and clues, business accounts similar to what you can already find in the Facebook Messenger app are now coming to WhatsApp.

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Huawei's half-year financial results point to 36% increase in sales revenue

It's that time of year when financial statements start to circulate. After Q2 reports of record earnings for Samsung and big losses for LG, it's now Huawei's turn to take the floor. In a statement yesterday, the Chinese company announced its half-year figures, headlined by a 36.2% year-on-year increase in sales revenue, totaling CNY105.4 billion.

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