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Facebook will allow select companies and organizations to post in 'Community Help' during a crisis

Facebook rolled out a special Community Help section last year to do some good during a crisis. It's intended as a way for users to offer assistance to each other including food, shelter, and so on. Now, Facebook is going to let certain businesses and organizations post in Community Help to do the same.

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Twitter made money for the first time ever last quarter

Twitter was founded in March 2006—almost 12 years ago. In all that time, it never made a penny in profit until just last quarter. Twitter's Q4 2017 results show the company made $91 million. That's up from a $21.1 million loss in the previous quarter.

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Nest is being swallowed up by Google's hardware team

Google acquired Nest about four years ago, but it kept the company at arm's length. Nest products are still designed and managed by Nest, an Alphabet company. That may be changing soon. Google says it's merging Nest with the Google hardware team to "supercharge" Nest's mission.

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Samsung posts best ever financial results in 2017, with profits of $50 billion

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has revealed record-high sales figures for last year, with a total operating profit of $50 billion (KRW 53.65 trillion). The company released its Q4 results today, alongside numbers for the whole of 2017. In the last three months of the year, Samsung amassed $61.54 billion (KRW 65.98 trillion) in consolidated revenue, which amounted to $14.13 billion (KRW 15.15 trillion) in operating profit.

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Sphero forced to make staff cuts following disappointing holiday sales

Interactive toy-maker Sphero appeared to all the world as though it was in fine shape as the holiday season approached last year. Thanks to licensing deals with Disney and Marvel spawning a range of remote control Star Wars robots and an app-enabled Spider-Man toy, the company's product portfolio burgeoned in 2017. The more affordable Sphero Mini came out towards the end of the year but apparently wasn't enough to ensure decent holiday sales numbers. As a result, staff cuts have been made and Sphero will release products at a slower rate in 2018.

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[Update: Labels too] WhatsApp Business adds support for quick replies

Last year, WhatsApp released a business-focused version of its massively-popular messaging app, aptly-called 'WhatsApp Business.' It has a few unique features, like landline phone number support, messaging statistics, and other minor changes. Now the app has been updated to support quick replies.

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Xiaomi targets $50 billion valuation as it considers IPO next year

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is currently in talks about a potential Initial Public Offering (IPO) as early as next year. Top company executives will be hoping for a valuation of at least $50 billion, with some of them optimistically holding out for an even higher figure.

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Qualcomm's board unanimously votes down Broadcom buyout offer

There's a pretty solid chance the phone in your pocket is powered by Qualcomm's silicon, and Broadcom wants a piece of that. Broadcom is so interested that it sent an unsolicited acquisition offer to Qualcomm last week. The chip maker acknowledged receipt of the offer, but today it officially announced that it's not interested.

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Logitech now promises to replace all Harmony Link devices with free Harmony Hub

Logitech took a lot of heat over its recent decision to brick all Harmony Link smart remote systems, and it's apparently taking those criticisms to heart. In a new blog post, the company explains how it's going to try and make everything right. Not only does it explain the (somewhat flimsy) reasoning behind killing the Harmony Link, it pledges to replace all affected devices free of charge.

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G Suite launches Gmail Add-ons for integrating popular third-party apps

G Suite update season is fully upon us, so it seems. First, we got the long-awaited material redesign of Google Calendar, which is available to everyone now that it meets the needs of Google's most important G-Suite customers. Next up, it's Gmail's turn, and although its own makeover is not yet ready, add-ons are being introduced that allow you to integrate third-party apps and increase productivity without needing to leave Google's email client.

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