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BlackBerry Plans To Launch Two Mid-Range Android Phones This Year

BlackBerry launched its first Android phone, the PRIV in late 2015. While the company's smartphone losses have slowed, the PRIV's high price is proving to be a barrier to BlackBerry's comeback (even with that price cut the other day). CEO John Chen now says that BlackBerry will shift to the mid-range this year with two new phones.

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Motorola President Rick Osterloh Leaves Company As Lenovo Reorganizes

Lenovo completed its acquisition of Motorola at the end of 2014, but Moto's leadership has remained intact since then. That changes today with the announcement that Motorola president Rick Osterloh is leaving the company. In his place will be Xudong Chen and Aymar de Lencquesaing acting as co-presidents of Lenovo's Mobile Business Group.

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ZAGG Acquiring Battery Case Maker Mophie For $100 Million


Microsoft Is Reportedly Acquiring Swiftkey For $250 Million [Updated]

Microsoft has been releasing its own apps on Android lately, but it's apparently looking to buy one now. Financial Times reports Microsoft is swooping in to snap up keyboard maker SwiftKey for $250 million. SwiftKey is running on millions of Android devices, plus the ones from OEMs that license and re-skin SwiftKey. Now Microsoft could extend its reach to all those devices very soon.

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Google Parent Company Alphabet Is, For The Moment, The Most Valuable Company On Earth

Google stopped being the Google we all knew last year when it formed a new umbrella parent company called Alphabet. Now, following the first quarterly earnings call for Alphabet, the company's market capitalization (a measure of value based on the price of outstanding shares) has topped that of Apple. That means by one measure, Alphabet is the most valuable company on the planet.

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Lenovo/Motorola Explains What Its New Branding Scheme Means For The 'Motorola' Name

It was a big shocker the other day When Motorola's CEO explained the new direction Lenovo is taking the company. Rather than focus on Motorola, Lenovo wants to push Moto and Vibe as Lenovo's main smartphone brands. This statement missed some of the nuance apparently, so Motorola has a blog post up on the matter. Long story short, the Motorola name isn't going away completely.

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Lenovo Will Retire The Motorola Brand In Favor Of Just 'Moto'

Motorola has been involved with mobile technology since the very beginning, but you'll be seeing that name a lot less going forward. After acquiring the company from Google, Lenovo has decided to retire the Motorola brand and go with the snappier "Moto."

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Twitter Reportedly Planning To Increase Character Limit From 140 To 10,000

Twitter always set itself apart from the competition by keeping things succinct. The 140 character limit forced everyone to get to the point rather than drone on a la Facebook. However, the company is now said to be close to essentially doing away with that limit. Multiple reports claim Twitter is planning to make the new character limit a whopping 10,000, just like Direct Messages.

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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition Shows Up On FCC Website, Google Continues To Play Dumb

Google's attempt to make a wearable face computer didn't go so well, but maybe the masses just weren't ready. Now, Google Glass is reportedly on its way to businesses with a new Enterprise Edition. This assumes even businesses have a use for Glass. Google has yet to acknowledge the existence of this device, but images are now up on the FCC's website. It looks a lot like the original Explorer Edition Glass.

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Official Skype For Business Android App Arrives On Google Play

Skype means business, and towards the end of the summer, it let people sign up to test a preview of the upcoming Android app. That testing period is over. The official Skype for Business app is now available in the Play Store.

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