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BlackBerry to stop developing its own hardware, will rely on manufacturing partners instead

It looks like the ill-fated BlackBerry Priv will end up being the last piece of hardware developed internally by BlackBerry. The company has announced today that it is ending all hardware design efforts so it can focus on software. This comes alongside the company's quarterly results, which show yet another big loss. This is really the last course of action the company has.

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Researchers have developed lithium batteries with twice the capacity of current ones and expect to have them ready for smartphones by 2017

The MIT researchers-turned-entrepreneurs at a company called SolidEnergy have something you've probably heard before but also something you haven't. A battery breakthrough that will drastically increase your future phone's battery life? We've heard that before. New battery tech that is ready for production within a year? That's new.

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Report: Usage numbers cited by Cyanogen Inc. may be inaccurate

Cyanogen Inc. recently experienced a round of layoffs as the company struggled to make its customized build of Android into a viable business. Through all the turmoil, Cyanogen Inc. CEO Kirt McMaster has contended that CyanogenMod (the non-commercial side) has tens of millions of users. Now, some are expressing doubt as to the accuracy of such figures. For a company fueled by venture money, that could be a problem.

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Opera agrees to sell its browser business to group of Chinese buyers for $600 million

After a previous deal fell through, Opera has reached an agreement to sell the mobile and desktop browser portion of its business to a group of Chinese companies for an estimated $600 million. Opera will retain its advertising business in a bid to avoid a long regulatory holdup.

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SoftBank will acquire ARM Holdings for more than $32 billion

Look at your smartphone. Odds are very, very good that it's running a chip with ARM-designed components, or at least the ARM instruction set. UK-based ARM Holdings has become an integral part of mobile computing, and Japan's SoftBank wants a piece of that. The companies announced today that SoftBank will acquire ARM Holdings for about $32 billion.

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Google acquires French image recognition startup Moodstocks

Google has shown a lot of interest in computer vision over the last few years. You need only look at the way it digs around for similar images in Google search and identifies specific objects in your uploaded photos. It can always be better, though, so Google has purchased a French company called Moodstocks that specializes in image recognition.

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LG gives execs the boot and restructures mobile division following disappointing G5 sales

The LG G5 was announced earlier this year with an ecosystem of "friends" that were aimed at boosting profits in its troubled mobile division. After initially solid shipments of the G5, things have turned sour fast. LG has announced a major shakeup in its mobile division that includes firing some staff and the formation of a "program management office" to oversee product development.

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[Evernope] Price increase coming to Evernote plans, free plan now limited to 2 devices only

Evernote has announced several changes to its plan structure today that will most likely upset many long-time users. The cost of Plus and Premium plans will be going up, and the free Basic plan is getting much less useful with active device limits. When there are so many other options for note taking apps, this is going to be a hard sell.

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Chinese mega-firm Tencent acquires controlling stake in Clash of Clans maker Supercell

The next time you wonder why in-app purchases are so popular, you can think back to this day when the company behind Clash of Clans was valued at $10.2 billion. Chinese internet firm Tencent is acquiring 84% of Supercell, giving it majority control of the game developer. Don't expect anything to change right away—Supercell is making oodles of money as is.

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Microsoft Is Buying LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

Microsoft doesn't have a social network of its own, but it does have a giant pile of money. When you've got that, you can have anything you want. Microsoft has just announced it will purchase business-oriented social network LinkedIn for an incredible $26.2 billion dollars. That's 26.2 Instagrams or roughly the entire annual GDP of Estonia.

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