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Dropbox rolls out new business-oriented plans and features

Dropbox is really useful for regular people, but the service has also been growing its business features recently. Today, Dropbox is announcing several new business-y features, and some business plans to go along with them. You'll pay a little more than a regular consumer license, but you get more features.

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Amazon is price-gouging Pixel XL buyers to the tune of over $1,500

The Pixel is a great phone, and as such, a lot of people want it. Although, Google seems to be dropping the ball with regard to making that possible. The Google Store is constantly sold out of the Pixel XL (and sometimes even the regular one), and this has led to price inflation. It's not unusual to see Amazon marketplace sellers listing items for well over MSRP when they're hard to come by, but this is Amazon asking $1,500 for a Pixel XL.

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Arrest warrant issued for Samsung Group leader on charges of bribery and embezzlement

If you've been keeping tabs on the business section of any general news site, you've probably heard about the current scandal rocking the deeply-connected world of corporations and politics in South Korea. The country's president Park Guen-hye was impeached by the parliament, and is currently on trial for fraud and coercion in soliciting bribes to pension charities. The situation has rocked the normally button-down circles of South Korean business, roping in many of the country's largest companies and senior government officials in the drama.

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Atlassian acquires project management service Trello for $425 million

Atlassian and Trello might not be household names, but they're increasingly big players in the tech sector. Trello runs a popular project management platform, and Atlassian makes a variety of business/developement software and services. Now, Atlassian has bought Trello for a healthy $425 million. If you're keeping score, that's 0.425 Instagrams.

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Google acquires smartwatch company Cronologics to work on Android Wear

Google pushed back the release of Android Wear 2.0 a few months ago, which is currently expected to debut in early 2017. There's been a great deal of uncertainty about the future of the platform, but Google isn't giving up. In fact, it just acquired a company (founded by former Googlers) that created a smartwatch OS. It's called Cronologics—or rather it was. The company is being absorbed entirely by the Android Wear team.

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Samsung acquiring Harman for $8 billion in cash to beef up connected car tech

You have almost certainly heard the name Harman when it comes to audio products, but the company has spent the last few years getting big into automotive technology as well. That's what piqued Samsung's interest in the company, and now the Korean tech giant is putting a lot of cash on the table to become a player in connected car tech. The $8 billion deal will be Samsung's biggest acquisition to date when it closes.

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Twitter is discontinuing Vine, but existing videos will live on for now

Twitter launched the Vine video sharing app in 2013, and it was a moderate success. Other apps added similar quick video features, but Vine never seemed like a high priority for Twitter. The company announced today that it's discontinuing the Vine app in the coming months, but it's not deleting your Vines... at least not yet.

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HTC's losses continue in Q3 2016 results despite Pixel launch

Remember when HTC was the top Android OEM making devices like the EVO 4G and HTC Incredible? Those days are long gone as other device makers have risen to prominence, and HTC is struggling to stay afloat. There was some hope that its deal to manufacture the Pixel for Google would turn things around, but the newly released Q3 2016 results show another big loss. It's not as big as recent ones, though.

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BlackBerry to stop developing its own hardware, will rely on manufacturing partners instead

It looks like the ill-fated BlackBerry Priv will end up being the last piece of hardware developed internally by BlackBerry. The company has announced today that it is ending all hardware design efforts so it can focus on software. This comes alongside the company's quarterly results, which show yet another big loss. This is really the last course of action the company has.

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Researchers have developed lithium batteries with twice the capacity of current ones and expect to have them ready for smartphones by 2017

The MIT researchers-turned-entrepreneurs at a company called SolidEnergy have something you've probably heard before but also something you haven't. A battery breakthrough that will drastically increase your future phone's battery life? We've heard that before. New battery tech that is ready for production within a year? That's new.

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