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Lyft announces Lyft for Business, free to use with better tools for teams

Plenty of people use Lyft and other ride sharing services for business, and today Lyft is making that easier by launching a business-oriented version of the service. It's live right now for businesses of any size, and it costs nothing to use. Lyft is even paying you in the form of some free ride credit when you sign up.

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Razer has shut down the Nextbit community site [Update]

It's hard for a startup to get into the competitive world of smartphones, but Nextbit made a go of things for a while. The Robin was a good phone, but the company was acquired by Razer early this year. Nothing much has changed since then, but now the Nextbit community site has been taken offline. It simply redirects to the Razer home page.

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Amazon launches 'Subscribe with Amazon' to sell third-party subscriptions

Amazon has been selling Prime subscriptions for years, but Amazon has to, like, do stuff for you when you're a Prime member. Wouldn't it be nice if Amazon could sell subscriptions for other companies and get a piece of the action? Well, that's the new "Subscribe with Amazon" in a nutshell. It's a marketplace where Dropbox, The New Yorker, Sling TV, and many other entities are now selling monthly subscriptions.

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Drive File Stream for G Suite lets you access all your files without using all your disk space

Google is announcing a ton of new enterprise products and services today, and one of them is the aptly named Drive File Stream. It does exactly what the name implies—it streams files from Google Drive on your desktop as you need them rather than syncing everything and gobbling up your hard drive space.

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Snap stock price shoots up almost 50% on opening day

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, is now a public company. You can buy a tiny piece of the sexting messaging platform, but it'll cost you. Snapchat shares (SNAP on NYSE) were offered at $17 initially, but they quickly shot up to more than $25. That's a 47% increase in one day.

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Report: SoftBank wants to merge Sprint and T-Mobile by selling its stake in Sprint

A few years ago, T-Mobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom (DT) was anxious to unload its 65% share in the US carrier, and one of the primary suitors was Sprint's parent company Softbank. Things are different now. Sources claim SoftBank is floating the idea of selling its 83% stake in Sprint to DT and letting the carriers merge that way.

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Plex acquires streaming news service Watchup

Plex wants to be the hub for all your content, but right now you mostly have to download that content separately and store it on your Plex server. The company has just acquired Watchup, a streaming news service that could make Plex a more robust platform. This isn't Plex's first foray into true live streaming, but it's certainly the biggest.

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Nextbit has been acquired by Razer, promises Robin patches through February 2018

It's rare to see a new maker come out with a smartphone that's actually competent, but that's what Nextbit did with the Robin in 2015. It wasn't a perfect phone, but it was neat and stylish. There's been no word on what Nextbit's next move was after the Robin, and now we know why. Nextbit has been acquired by Razer. Yes, the maker of all those gamer-oriented keyboards and mice (and other things). The financials of the deal are not available at this time.

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Dropbox rolls out new business-oriented plans and features

Dropbox is really useful for regular people, but the service has also been growing its business features recently. Today, Dropbox is announcing several new business-y features, and some business plans to go along with them. You'll pay a little more than a regular consumer license, but you get more features.

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Amazon is price-gouging Pixel XL buyers to the tune of over $1,500

The Pixel is a great phone, and as such, a lot of people want it. Although, Google seems to be dropping the ball with regard to making that possible. The Google Store is constantly sold out of the Pixel XL (and sometimes even the regular one), and this has led to price inflation. It's not unusual to see Amazon marketplace sellers listing items for well over MSRP when they're hard to come by, but this is Amazon asking $1,500 for a Pixel XL.

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