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States file federal lawsuit to block T-Mobile-Sprint merger

Several state attorneys general are set to file a lawsuit seeking to block T-Mobile's proposed takeover of Sprint on antitrust grounds. The effort, led by New York AG Letitia James, represents the latest headache for the carriers as they seek to unite and do battle with AT&T and Verizon. Even if the Justice Department eventually gives the deal its blessing, a federal judge could side with the states and prevent the merger.

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Barnes & Noble getting a new owner, as retail book market bravely soldiers on

Barnes & Noble, being the largest bookstore chain in the United States, has had lasting power in an industry where its competitors have fallen to tech giants, namely Amazon. In the past decade, the company has been able to keep afloat by doubling down on supplying education clients and investing in its Nook and SparkNotes product lines, but it has straddled the line between profit and loss for the past decade. Today, multinational asset management firm Elliott has announced its intent to acquire the Barnes & Noble for approximately $683 million and has plans to invest.

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[Update: DOJ still opposed] The FCC looks poised to approve T-Mobile-Sprint merger

Sprint and T-Mobile have been pushing regulators to approve their proposed merger for a year, and it looks like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is falling in line. Commissioner Brendan Carr and chairman Ajit Pai have both signaled their support on Twitter. That just leaves the Justice Department standing in the way of T-Mobile gobbling up Sprint and all its yummy spectrum.

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Acer announces the all-aluminum Chromebook 714 and 715

Acer has unveiled a pair of new Chromebooks in New York today. Both devices have anodized aluminum frames and STD-810G. The style and feature set of the Chromebook 714 (above) and 715 are clearly aimed at businesses. The larger of the two even sports an honest-to-goodness number pad.

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YouTube reportedly ignored the spread of toxic content in the name of engagement

The great thing about YouTube is that it made it easy for absolutely anyone to upload and share video with the world. The terrible thing about YouTube is that it made it easy for absolutely anyone to upload and share video with the world. YouTube is crawling with sketchy content that promotes toxic ideas and conspiracy theories, and it has only started addressing that. A new report from Bloomberg claims that YouTube spent years pretending the problem didn't exist for one reason: clicks.

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Samsung's head of US marketing leaves following internal investigation

Samsung is no stranger to scandal these days. The company's former vice chairman Jay Y. Lee ended up in prison recently after being caught up in the bribery scandal that brought down former South Korean President Park Geun-hye. There may be a controversy brewing in Samsung's US arm as well. Samsung Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu has abruptly resigned following an investigation into kickbacks between Samsung employees and marketing partners.

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FTC announces task force to monitor competition in big tech

Our online lives are increasingly dominated by a small number of large technology firms, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is feeling pressure to put those companies under the microscope. Screw-ups like Google's Nest Secure microphone and Facebook's... well, everything... have only added to the urgency. The agency has announced the formation of a task force that will examine how the likes of Google and Facebook do business, including scrutinizing mergers.

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[Update: Samsung calls it off] Samsung shamelessly aligns with off-brand Supreme in China

Brand partnerships are usually the least interesting part of a phone announcement, but Samsung's latest phone unveiling comes with some serious drama. The company's new Galaxy A8s announcement included the surprising announcement of a partnership with Supreme in China, where the company has not operated in the past. However, it's not the "real" Supreme; it's the fake Italian firm that has been such a thorn in Supreme's side.

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Sony Q3 financial results show continued mobile losses

Sony has never been a top Android phone maker, but it's been trying for a long, long time. As the smartphone market plateaus, Sony is losing money on mobile quarter after quarter, and the most recent one is no exception. While Sony overall made money at the end of 2018, the mobile division is still a loser.

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Samsung and LG warn of profit decline in fourth quarter as smartphone market stagnates

Turns out Apple is not the only company expecting to disappoint investors with its next set of quarterly results — Samsung and LG are in the same boat. Whether or not it's for precisely the same reasons is unclear, but it seems a plateauing smartphone market is at least partially to blame for all three companies' guidance misses. 

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