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Alphabet Q2 revenues flat year-over-year as its businesses heal from coronavirus nadir

The financial casualties of coronavirus pandemic have been revealed across the companies of Alphabet as the group recorded a 30% tumble in net income in the second quarter compare with the same period the previous year. Still, with as many diverse holdings as it has, things aren't as bad for Google's parent company as they seem — at least for the time being.

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Dropbox brings new eSign feature to all desktop users

Dropbox is launching a native method for its users to electronically sign and secure signatures from others on its web client using HelloSign, a startup it acquired last year for $230 million. The integration is the latest in a series of a monetized additions to its core cloud storage business this year.

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Google employees will reportedly work from home through July 2021

Like most companies, Google sent its employees home in the face of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Many firms have floated aggressive timetables to get people back into the office, but Google is apparently embracing remote work. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google does not expect to bring people back to its offices until July 2021.

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SoftBank could sell or spin off Arm way sooner than it planned

SoftBank is reportedly assessing spin-off options for its semiconductor firm, Arm Holdings. The Wall Street Journal reports from its sources that those options include having an initial public offering or a sale. The Japanese tech conglomerate picked up Arm back in 2016 for $32 billion and currently shares some ownership with investors in the SoftBank Vision Fund.

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Microsoft Teams for personal use is now in preview on Android

Microsoft has been offering a free, restricted version of Microsoft Teams since 2018, but it never really felt like a tool you'd use to organize your family or personal events — it was mainly targeted at freelancers and small teams. After a year worth of work and an announcement during its big Microsoft 365 reveal, the Redmond company is now ready to unleash a preview version of Microsoft Teams on consumers. As soon as it's rolled out, anyone can sign up for it, but you'll only be able to take full advantage of the service when you're a Microsoft 365 subscriber.

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Google is using the Assistant to call businesses and check stock


After some whiplash, Dish set to acquire Boost from T-Mobile

One of the laces left untied in the closure of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger was the condition that the combined carrier would sell prepaid entity Boost Mobile to Dish Network. Now, after a blip of a possibility that the satellite company would back out of negotiations, the two have officially locked into the divestiture deal.

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T-Mobile reportedly takes hatchet to Sprint, cutting entire sales division and other jobs

T-Mobile has reportedly issued layoffs to hundreds of employees within Sprint, the carrier it had completed a merger with in April. The decision comes in line with efforts to consolidate and move the latter's workforce under the former's system and marks another step in the protracted wrap-up of the Sprint brand. But the company is also catching heat for crowding more people onto unemployment during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and drifting away from the hiring goals it made to the regulators who had approved the merger.

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Google+ is dead, long live Currents (for G Suite users)

Last year, Google announced the beta release of Currents. You'd be forgiven for not having a clue what that is, as the company hasn't exactly advertised it since, but it's the enterprise replacement/successor for Google+, so us regular folks don't get to use it anyway. Still, Google has been working on the new business social network for a year now and deems it stable enough to migrate G Suite Google+ users over starting July 6, 2020, as the company announced in an email to administrators.

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Google Search and Maps will soon display business hours for seniors, plus pickup and delivery

When you have a question about a business's hours, where do you go? Whether you use Android or iOS, chances are you probably check in with Google, doing a regular search or pulling up the business in Maps. And while either will display open hours, "open" is kind of a nebulous concept these days. Open for delivery? Open for pickup? Open for seniors only? Thankfully, Google's finally making it easy for companies to share all that different data.

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