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Fake Google Maps listings weaponized to kill real businesses, confuse you

For as long as Google Maps (and other digital mapping services) have existed, there have been fake listings. The most notable example was a scam where a centralized operation would mass-produce fake locksmith listings advertising low rates, then jacking up prices as poor sods left out of house or car get desperate. These days, the directory battlefield has expanded across different high-cost industries with devastating tactics deployed against businesses and the public while placing livelihoods on the line.

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Business owners can now manage their listings via a dashboard right in Google Search

When I'm looking for information on a local store (and I'm sure many of you guys do the same), I head straight to Google Search. It usually has the correct address, phone number, operating hours, accurate reviews, etc. But Google isn't perfect, and sometimes there'll be some incorrect info listed. To alleviate this, our favorite Mountain View-based company has just introduced a dashboard for business owners right in Google Search.

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