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Google Home Max bundled with Home Mini for just $234

Earlier this month, we saw online retailer Tink offer the Home Max and Home Mini together for $242. In case you missed that sale, Tink is offering this same bundle yet again, but this time for $232 with a promo code. That's $8 less than the previous sale and $114 off retail prices.

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Kindle Fire 7 is down to $36 apiece in 3-pack deal, just in time for summer vacation

The summer solstice was several days ago, which means that school's out and summer vacation's in. If you've been looking for some way to distract your kids while they're home for three months, a cheap tablet is a good way to do so. Amazon is currently offering a three-pack of its Kindle Fire 7 tablets for $109.97, or just about $36 apiece.

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Amazon Echo Sub bundle with 2 second-gen Echo speakers drops to all-time-low $230 ($100 off)

Amazon unveiled its 100W subwoofer last year to complement Echo speakers with augmented bass. As the Echo Sub needs to be paired with at least one Echo, the company is bundling its devices together to make them more affordable than when purchased separately. Until now, a pair of speakers and a subwoofer was selling for $250, but the price just dropped another $20, which is $100 less than when buying the three products separately.

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Get an Amazon Echo and a TP-Link smart plug for $37 off

There are nearly as many smart speakers with Alexa at this point as there are stars in the sky, but Amazon's own Echo devices usually get new features before third-party speakers. The second-gen Echo in paticular is definitely stylish, and now you can get it with a TP-Link smart plug for just $79.68 a reduction of $37.30 from the original price.

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[Update: Deal's back for another day] Hurry: Get a Google Home Hub and two Home Minis for $99

Over the past few days, Best Buy, Target, and a few other stores offered a Home Hub and two Home Minis at significant discounts. If you missed out on those, Adorama still has the package for just $99.

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Get a Home Mini and second-gen Chromecast for $17 at some Walmart stores

Now that the third-generation Chromecast is available, it looks like Google and retail stores want to clear out inventory of the older model. At some Walmart locations, you can get a bundle of the second-gen Chromecast and a Google Home Mini for just $17. That's cheaper than either product would normally cost on their own.

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[Update: Dead] Google Home Hub and Home Mini bundle just $99 from Walmart

We've seen plenty of good deals on Google's recently-released Home Hub smart display this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Most retailers have had it discounted to $99, and there were some even better deals to be had with a bit of research. However, Walmart's $99 Home Hub and Home Mini bundle is the best offer we've seen yet.

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[Update: Now $5 cheaper] Xiaomi Mi Box S bundle comes with Google Home Mini for $85 ($24 off)

Xiaomi announced the Mi Box S on October 9, on the same day as Google's Pixel 3 et al. announcements. This new Android TV box from the company keeps its cheap pricing, but you wouldn't say no to more savings, would you? In that case, you can now grab the Mi Box S along with a Home Mini for $24 off the total price of both.

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[Deal Alert] Buy a 512GB Galaxy Note9 and get a free Gear S3 Frontier today only from Amazon ($300 off)

Yesterday was big news among us Android enthusiasts. Despite having a good idea of the announcements ahead of time thanks to all of the leaks, we got to see the new Pixel 3 phones for real and we've already started on our review. But in the meantime, Amazon has an interesting bundle offer on one of the best Android phones around: the Galaxy Note9. For today only, if you buy a 512GB Note9, you'll get a free Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch, saving you about $300 (going based on the watch's MSRP).

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Google now offers smart home product bundles at a discount

If you're looking to deck your house out in connected devices, Google has you covered. The 'Smart TV kit' with a Home Mini and Chromecast leaked last week, and now it appears that's just one of several bundles that Google is selling on its website.

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