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Instagram’s new anti-bullying tools remind commenters not to be dicks

As with many things in life, bullying is a two-way street. To prevent it from taking place, the bully should be able to be prevented from harming someone else and the bullied should be empowered to take action and represent themselves without fear of repercussions. Instagram, which can be a hotbed for interpersonal conflict, has been ramping up anti-bullying measures in recent months and has just brought in two new tools to let bullies rethink what they want to say and to let the bullied manage their counterpart's presence on their posts.

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Google bans apps that promote or sell unapproved substances on the Play Store

At times, it feels like Google is playing whack-a-mole with all the head-scratching apps that have popped up on the Play Store. Every few weeks, there's an update to the Google Play developer policy, clarifying something, adding new restrictions, and generally trying to curb as much as possible the amount of spammy, harmful, and sometimes illegal apps on the Store.

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Instagram is now using machine learning to detect bullying in image uploads

In one of the first announcements since Instagram's co-founders departed their company several weeks ago, the social media platform is launching new anti-bullying tools. New head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced in a blog post that the app is now using machine learning to detect harassment in photos and captions, immediately sending those posts for review. 

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